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Wijzigingen in Alienware X51 R1/R2/R3 RAM Replacement introductie

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Alienware X51 R1/R2/R3 RAM Replacement
Before you start this project, you should take proper precautions. Before you start anything, you need to unplug the computer from the wall. Unplugging the computer is a must to avoid electrocution. It is recommended to take precautions against ESD by using an anti-static mat and a grounding cable. The only tool you will need for this fix is a screwdriver. You will also need a replacement RAM card.
Before starting this guide, You should take the proper precautions to prevent damage to your machine, and to you. Unplug the computer from the external power supply, then press (and hold) the power button for 3 seconds. This will ensure that the system uses any excess power in the board, significantly lowering the chance of ESD. Make sure to also have an ESD strap ready. If you do not own one, be sure to touch the metallic surfaces inside the case, before, after, and during each step. It doesn't hurt to take precautions, but it will if you don't and end up frying your shiny new PC. An Anti-static work pad is also recommended, but not required.
Time Required Min
10 minuten
5 minuten


  • Phillips Screwdriver x1 added.
  • Screwdriver x1 removed.