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Wijzigingen in 2005-2007 Ford Focus Oil Change introductie

Bewerking door David Hodson

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The following procedure is correct for all Duratec engines in the Ford Focus, including the 2.3L engine in 2004-2007 models. As stated on the oil filler cap, use 5W-20 oil when adding or changing oil. There are a number of different oil filters by different manufacturers that will work for the Focus, so you may want to consult the parts counter at your local auto parts store.
Convention has always been to change oil at 3,000 mile intervals, but modern oil and oil filters allow for much more time between changes. As long as you check your oil level regularly and ensure that it is not extremely dark, you can easily make it 5,000 miles with conventional oil, and over 7,000500 miles with synthetic oil.


  • Hydraulic Floor Jack x1 added.
  • Jack Stand x2 added.


  • Engine Oil Filter x1 Check with your local auto parts store or an online parts list to ensure that you have the correct filter. added.
  • Engine Oil - Quart 5W-20 x6 5 quarts are only necessary for changing the oil, but an additional one may be used to flush the old oil from the engine. added.
  • Engine Oil Filter x1 removed.
  • Engine Oil - Quart x1 removed.