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Wijzigingen in iPad Pro 9.7" Teardown introductie

Bewerking door Jeff Suovanen

Bewerking goedgekeurd door Jeff Suovanen

You probably expected a thinner, lighter, and faster iPad Air 3, but Apple had other ideas. Instead of iterating on October 2014's [|iPad Air 2], they went back to the drawing board. Actually they probably don't use a drawing board, they use an iPad Pro—which might be where they got the idea for this. It seems to pack [|all the features of an iPad Pro], in a smaller package. Let's see how they did it—it's time to tear down the iPad Pro 9.7". [ … ] Follow us on [|Facebook|new_window=true], [|Instagram|new_window=true], or [|Twitter|new_window=true] for the latest teardown news.