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Wijzigingen in Canon A35F Back Cover Replacement introductie

Bewerking door Jeramy Gordon

Bewerking goedgekeurd door Jeramy Gordon

If you have tried to pry open the back cover of the Canon A35F several times, and it still will not open, it might time for the back cover to be replaced. There may be other reasons toas well why the back cover needs replacement. Perhaps such as the back cover is damaged and cracks are beginning to appear, light is leaking into the camera ruining the film or maybe the back cover is just in need of some cleaning. This guide has all the information you need in order to tear aparttake off the back cover of a Canon A35F, and piece it back together.
The price of a used back cover can range from $15-$25 U.S. dollars on EbayeBay, but they are hard to find.