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[ ]Sony playstation 2
[ ]teardown
[ ]Teardown
[ ]Sony playstation 2 Teardown
At first, I will apologize for my poor English, I am from Brazil, but I love this site, especially because I love to disassemble eletronic stuff since I was a kid. My mother always freak out, but I always assemble back everything, sometimes I even fix some things. [ … ] In this teardown I will show how to disassemble and howI Fix a small Problem in my Sony Playstation 2. I send it to a technician because the rumble effect was no longer working. He says that there was a problem in the motherboard and he needs to change it entirely. But the model is a SCPH 39001, an old model, one of the first in the market. He says that the price of the fix was prohibitive and said that is better buy a new PS2 Slim, that nowadays is cheaper. I remember when a bought my Ps2, it costs more than R$800, almost US$400. I decide to stay with it anyway and despite the problem I even bought a modem to continue playing it. Later, talking with some friends, I knew that is a fuse that controls the rumble effect and all that I need to do is to change it. But the fuses in the mainboard are too small , fixed in the main board and is impossible to change it. The same friend give me a tip, that I can use a glass fuse and take the internal wire to use in the main board. I decide to try and it works perfectly. I will show this in this teardown.
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