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Wijzigingen in Protoss Pylon Teardown introductie

Bewerking door Arthur Shi

Bewerking goedgekeurd door Arthur Shi

Here at the Moebius Foundation, we are always looking to advance humanity’s technological prowess, no matter the costscost. When advanced alien races refuse to share their technology with us, we simply see it as an occupational challenge.
We have been trying to tap into the Protoss psionic energy matrix without success for years. The floating pylons they use to distribute the energy are immovable, and field scans yield nothing.
But, allAll this is going to change today. Our field agents somehow procured a movable pylon! This must be some advanced version of the field-deployed ones. It tookWith [|great effort] and heavy casualties, field agents were able to get this,procure a movable pylon! but it willThis must be worth ita prototype version of the field-deployed ones.
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