For assistance putting bObi back together, follow the guide on closing bObi: Closing bObi's Cover Post-Repair


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  1. Remove bObi’s front wheel to access one of the screws holding bObi together.
    • Remove bObi’s front wheel to access one of the screws holding bObi together.

    • Make sure the wheel is turned closer to bObi's front touch sensors. Use your screwdriver for leverage, and the wheel will pop up and out.

    • Uninstall the larger screw that sits deeper in the wheel compartment.

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  2. Remove bObi's dustbin.
    • Remove bObi's dustbin.

    • Uninstall the 2 screws close to the bin and 2 smaller screws above her main brushes.

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    • Lift the brush holder. To detach completely, unplug it from bObi.

    • Remove the two screws on the dustbin contact point holder inside bObi.

    • There are 4 screws beneath the main brushes. Uninstall these, and open bObi up to expose her main circuit board.

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    • Detach the two circuit plugs connecting bObi's cover to the main board and the cover will be completely removed.

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    • All of bObi’s wall detection sensors are plugged in to a small circuit board on the underside of the cover.

    • Refer to bObi’s check up test in order to determine which sensor is in need of repair. Then, remove the two screws holding it on the front bumper.

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    • You will be able to push the sensor from the inside of the cover, so it pops out of its place on the bumper.

    • Unplug the appropriate circuit plug from the cover's circuit board.

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    • Unhook the wires from the holders on the inside of the bumper.

    • Feed the circuit plug and its wires through the open space in bObi’s bumper.

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    • Put the circuit plug for your replacement part through the obstacle detection sensor’s open slot.

    • Place the actual sensor in its space on the bumper and install the two screws which secure it to bObi.

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    • Feed the wires for the sensor's circuit plug back through the hooks on bObi's bumper.

    • Then, plug it into the empty spot on bObi’s cover circuit board.

    • To finish off this repair, follow the closing bObi manual: Closing bObi's Cover Post-Repair

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To reassemble bObi, refer to the Closing bObi Guide.


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