1. Remove the back cover.
    • Remove the back cover.

    • Work your fingernail or flat object under the cover’s seal. Start at the top right corner just above the front facing camera this is the device “Weak Spot”.

    • After you pry open the first clip slide the flat object along the perimeter of the cover until the cover is removable. You should hear the clips pop open.

  2. Remove any black tape from the device.
    • Remove any black tape from the device.

    • Keep the tape, you will need to put it back on when you are done.

    • Unplug the wires from the battery.

    • The battery is the black rectangle in the middle of the device.

    • The device has two wiring harnesses attached to it, one just above the battery and one just to the right.

    • Unscrew the battery from the device.

    • The device has 5 screws to remove, keep the screws.

    • The battery has one clip you will need to remove .

    • The clip is located at the bottom right corner of the battery just above the right speaker.

    • Push the clip back then lift the battery up.

    • The speakers and wires are not secured to the battery, they may fall off.

    • Remove the the remaining 3 screws to unfasten circuit board. Keep the screws.

    • The screen is connected to the circuit board by 2 “Data Cables” (orange ribbons). Data cables include 3 working components, data cables, the white harness plug, and the black lever.

    • Gently flip the black cover up and unplug data cables.

    • Remove the circuit board by gently coaxing it from the clips located just to the right of the circuit board.

    • Flip the circuit board over, the rear facing camera is the black rectangle in the upper right corner of the circuit board. gently unplug the camera from the circuit board and plug the new camera in. Do the first seven steps in reverse order.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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