If your screen Or motherboard is broken this guide is for you. The screen is tethered to the motherboard, so both items must be replaced at the same time.

Remove the battery cover.
  • Remove the battery cover.

  • Remove the AAA batteries from the calculator.

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Remove the 5mm Philips #00 screw holding backup battery cover.
  • Remove the 5mm Philips #00 screw holding backup battery cover.

  • Remove the backup battery cover.

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  • Use plastic opening tool to remove the backup battery. Place the tool in the small cut-out next to the battery and pry the battery out.

  • Be careful, the backup battery is spring loaded and may shoot up when you remove it.

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  • Unscrew the six 7.5mm T6 screws on the back case. You will need to use a screwdriver with a long and skinny head.

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  • Pry back case off. Insert the plastic opening tool in the track for the protective cover and pry the halves of the case apart.

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  • Keep the screen face-down during this step. Only the motherboard is attached to the face-plate and the screen may fall out.

  • Remove the eight (8) 5mm Philips #00 screws on the motherboard.

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  • Carefully remove the motherboard and screen. Grab the board by its side with one hand and the screen with the other. Carefully lift the two parts up.

    • Keep the face-plate face-down to prevent the keys from falling out.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Does anyone have any advice on acquiring replacement screens for the TI series? I was considering buying broken TIs on e-bay, but that may be unreliable.

Neil Cammardella - Antwoord

Fixing TI83+'s is becoming addictive. Google Cemetech Forum on the net and see how he removes the screen from the Mother Board and solders wires permanently. I might add that he tests for resistance (ohms) first to determine if in fact that is where the problems exist. If I read between the lines, he tends to think that the screen/mother board ribbon cable is the primary culprit behind problems with the TI83's

shrinertom -

My TI-83 Plus, the screen has turned Black, like to know where to send it to have it repaired e-mail address, (

Richard Brown - Antwoord

Nothing is broken, the screen has turned Black, need to send it off and have it fixed, I can not do it my self because of the condition of my hands

Richard Brown -

It may not be broken. Try adjusting the screen contrast down.

Matthew Johnson -

All I needed was to know the T6 Screwdriver size, the carved-out screw-holes made me less worried about the bits of plastic coming out of mine. Thanks!

finleywarman - Antwoord

Is it uncommon to have an aluminum sheet attached to the piece of paper with the battery markings on it or is this just me?

Ethan T - Antwoord

only half of my screen shows, how do I fix that?

stephanie13318 - Antwoord


My TI-83 has a black screen, I tried adjusting the contrast but it doesn't work.

Any Ideas on what else to try

Thank You !

Pedro Esquivel - Antwoord

My calculator cuts off half of the first digit I put in. How do I fix this?

Hailey Ober - Antwoord

How much to get thr screen or motherhood fix with a black line across the screen?

charryon12 - Antwoord

How much to get thr screen or motherhood fix with a black line across the screen? In

charryon12 - Antwoord

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