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The portafilter pressurizes the water through the coffee filter to produce the espresso. If the portafilter is dirty or malfunctioning it could result in weak coffee, or no coffee at all. This guide will help you disassemble, clean and reassemble your portafilter.


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  1. Starbucks Barista portafilter disassembly and cleaning, Starbucks Barista portafilter disassembly and cleaning: step 1, image 1 of 1
    • Turn the portafilter handle to the left to remove it from the machine.

    • Flip the portafilter over so the bottom with the 3 screws faces up.

  2. Starbucks Barista portafilter disassembly and cleaning: step 2, image 1 of 2 Starbucks Barista portafilter disassembly and cleaning: step 2, image 2 of 2
    • Before beginning, make a small, neat "scribe" mark on both the bottom edge of the plastic basket and, right next to it, the top of the metal basket. This match-marks these two pieces. Unscrew and remove the 3 phillips-head screws.

    • Lift off the plastic handle assembly, exposing the internal pressure system and two springs. Take note of the handle's orientation in relation to the metal piece as it will need to be re-attached in exactly the same position to function correctly.

  3. Starbucks Barista portafilter disassembly and cleaning: step 3, image 1 of 2 Starbucks Barista portafilter disassembly and cleaning: step 3, image 2 of 2
    • Take note of the spring's placement, then carefully remove and set them aside.

    • Clean the pressure assembly with a citrus-based cleaner and a brush, making sure to get under the hinged needle valve. Rinse well, then replace the springs.

    • Reattach the handle assembly with the 3 phillips-head screws. If assembled correctly the handle should pivot slightly in relation to the metal portion, than spring back when released.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Are there any pictures to show how to replace the gasket on the portafilter?

Scott - Antwoord

any luck on replacing the gasket?

Erica Fisher -

Where can I purchase a portafilter for this?

johnbrosnan2005 - Antwoord

i just did this and it worked. my problem was i kept thinking it wasnt working bc the water kept flowing out of the top and not going through the two holes into the cup. I figured out it needs the coffe grounds in there to actually work! thanks!

preceptgirl - Antwoord

I am still having a problem with it Brewing you can tell it wants to but it won't come through sometimes a little bit will any suggestions.

Michelle Ward - Antwoord

My experience is that either the portafilter or the filter on the machine head is clogged. I remove the machine head filter and scrub with a old tooth brush and wash and scrub the portable filter and holder. If this doesn’t work take the port filter apart and clean and scrub gently with a citric acid. Your supposed to use a descaler at least every 3 months. I also put the porta filter in water and let it soak and always run with straight water before and after usage and only use 2 tablespoons of coffee or less.

Barry Jones - Antwoord

THANK YOU! This is the same filter holder as on the Phillips Poemia units. Mine was totally clogged with coffe grounds and fungus-like slime inside. Unbelievable that the manual makes no mention of disassembly and of cleaning this unit! Upon reassembly I realized that I was unsure how to orient the small spring for the cam. The exploded parts diagram from Phillips wwas useless. You saved the day! THANK YOU AGAIN.

Edwin Nemeth - Antwoord

Keep in mind that one needs to keep the portafilter rinsed out, or slime will grow. After extracting a filter basket, pull the basket out and clean it. Run warm water into the top and bottom of the portafilter in turns, shaking the water out vigorously until there's no more coffee color to the rinse. You may also occasionally put a smidge of coffee machine cleaner in the portafilter and run brew water for *only* long enough to see it coming out; wait a minute, then run more brew water, before finally rinsing the portafilter (as above).

Adytum Equity - Antwoord

Help! I just removed the rubber gasket inside the bottom filter. That’s wasn’t in the steps but I thought I would clean it and now I can’t get it back in. Any suggestions?

Kristina Zekos-Ortiz - Antwoord

The main difficulty I had was reassembly with the handle tensioning spring lining up with the slot in the handle. Not sure if mine was damaged but had to use a small loop of fine twine to hold the tensioning spring back while sliding the handle down over the portafilter then easing the spring forward till it landed in the slot the removing the twine loop before screwing it together. All in all it is working perfectly now. Thanks for the pictures they where very helpful.

Greg Workman - Antwoord

One other word of advice. If you’ve used too finely ground coffee the metal basket for grounds get clogged, hold the basket up to a window, if you can’t see the hundreds of tiny holes in the bottom of the basket, clean it, I ended up using a sewing need to poke out each hole, tedious but only takes 10 minutes or so. The machine now has good flow the portafilter and I don’t need a new pump for this one.

Greg Workman - Antwoord

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