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this tv had a bad screen ( ghosting and flickering). This tv is well know for this problem. most of the time there are 3 major causes : bad T CON board, loose flat cables or a bad LCD screen) also a bad lvds connector can cause some problems so also check the connector real good as well the cable.

Due to data loss on my computer i lost all the pictures to make this guide.. if you have questions , feel free to contact me.


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    • before we take the tv apart we will do a self diagnostic test on the tv. See for more info in the service manual that i add to this guide.

    • for a self test on the tv , push following buttons on the remote: display button ( see picture for more info on this button ) channel 5 volume down and than power button.

    • due to data loss on my pc i lost all the pictures to make this guide.. if you have question , feel free to contact me.

    • we will open the tv. first we will remove the BUNCHIN audio undercarriage. So you can move the tv separately

    • remove the 3 screws holding the panel tot the undercarriage.

    • remove the other 3 screws as shown in picture 2

    • lift the panel ( tv) up and remove it from the BUNCHIN audio part ( sole, undercarraige...)

    • to remove the screen : do this with 2 persons and lay the tv down on a sheet ( blanket)or something.

    • when removing the screen from the audio undercarrige: whatch out for the audio cable ( remove this before removing screen)

    • like you know always make sure the tv is unplugged from the electric socket before you manipulate the tv.

    • we will remove the power supply plate.

    • it is a small black plastic plate holding the power cable.

    • remove 1 screw and slide the plastic cable holder to the left away from the plate.

    • we will remove the back plate. you have to remove 22 screws.

    • first remove the 2 screws in red. start with the screw on the left.

    • remove the 4 screws in yellow. start with the one on the left

    • remove the 14 screws in green. the 2 on the side as last.

    • remove the last screws , in blue.

    • now remove the panel

    • to remove the panel : lift the back plate towards you ( beginning with the upper side of the plate) , then tilt it to the left.

    • right is the allignment corner.

    • now you'll see all the PCB's.

    • now it's time to check out the LVDS cable or LCD cable and the LVDS connector. wiggle getnly the cable and check te tv.

    • in red de LVDS connector. attached on that connector the LVDS/LCD cable.

    • if the screen or picture is not better you can check out the diodes on the T con board. or follow the trouble shoot page in the service manual.

    • Insert wisdom here.


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I have a CM LEDVD combo TV and DVD that will not turn on. It has power 120VAC and did work after using the DVD. Any ideas??

William Whitaker - Antwoord

i have a 75inch tv just stoped playing sound

my bedroom tv is working great

the bell tube dings are audible

please help me

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Hi!Did you ever fix the problem @kevind ? My grandma has the same TV and similar sympthoms.

Gilian - Antwoord

my tv went all blue no pic or audio. audio is in the surround sound cant get any pic had water leak and i think some go into t he back ?? but just had dpops on it Ands we watched a movie later that night and than it kicked to blue screen any thoughts

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