Remove the main flex cable from the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact motherboard. This includes the button cable.

  1. First, heat up.
    • First, heat up.

    • And then place the suction cup and pull to open a gap. Insert into the guitar pick to cut the adhesive sticker under the back cover.

    • Finally, remove the back cover.

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  2. Disconnect the NFC antenna.
    • Disconnect the NFC antenna.

    • Unscrew the screws holding the black midframe in place.

    • Remove back frame.

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    • Disconnect the battery flex cable.

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  3. Verspreid de kerstsfeer
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    Krijg 12€ korting op je aankoop van 50€ of meer met de code FIXMAS12
    • Remove rear camera bracket.

    • Release connector, but take care not to damage the electronic components next to the connector. It is best to access the connector from the bottom (battery side), and not from the side as the picture shows.

    • Remove rear camera.

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    • Release connectors and screw.

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    • Remove motherboard.

    be very careful with the flex cable that is connected to the vibrator, it is very easy to break that when removing motherboard

    anonymous 8554 - Antwoord

    vibrator with orange silicon cover is fixed with sticker. you better pull it off with spudger before removing the motherboard

    jibou1356 - Antwoord

    yup, broke mine. Should've come here first. I'll leave it the way it is. I'm not replacing the entire main flex just for this.

    PETRISOR M - Antwoord

    • Remove main flex.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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hi dear

my mobile (sony xperia z3 mini ) it problem in screen, i changed screen but still not work always black how can i do to fixed my mobile ???? plz help me



swren1987 - Antwoord

I can not loosen a screw, what can I do?

Piero Sabino - Antwoord

Hey Fixit, I will repair my Wifi, but I can not find the component parts on the mainboard on the Z3c

Have a description where is the wifi component similar to these video because on the Z3Compact?

Sofie - Antwoord

is there label imei or meid in it ???

Ardians Faqih - Antwoord

Yes, there is a label in the phone with IMEI info. For some reason, it’s not show on the pictures, but you can see the label simply by opening the bottom port cover on the left side of the phone and pulling on it. The IMEI is the number written on the top right of the label.

axel -

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