Sony Xperia Z2 (D6502, D6503, and D6543) - How to replace the Back / Battery / Rear cover.

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  1. Switch off the phone.
    • Switch off the phone.

    • If you can't switch it off, you can use the OFF button near to the SIM card Tray.

    • Warm the Back Cover. You can use a hairdryer.

    • Be careful, the Back Cover is plastic.

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  2. Use a small suction cup and plastic tools for separating the Rear panel.
    • Use a small suction cup and plastic tools for separating the Rear panel.

    • There is Adhesive tape on the edges of the phone and some between the Battery and the Back Cover, as well. I found a small tab to pull just inside the top of the cover that removed the adhesive and released the back panel from the battery. Its that same style adhesive strip as used in the Iphone 5/5c/5s.

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    • Before installing the new cover, you must clean the phone from the old adhesive tape and install a new one (if your spare part has come without double sided adhesive tape).

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    Should include the information about the NFC antenna.

    Sounds like a dealbreaker for some people.

    Diogo Pinheiro - Antwoord

    What about it?

    Makos - Antwoord


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Does anyone else have problems when replaced new back panel - its coming off by himself.. the 3M double side tape doesn't hold it in place..

I glued it on already 3 times.. placed tape in every empty space :) and after few weeks, top right corner is open again.

(Same for my wife's Z3 Compact)

Maybe someone have some sugestions?


jakadels - Antwoord

have the same issues now looking for a permanent glue for front and back plus a rigid aluminum bumper cover and maybe replacing the plastic back cover by a cooper one for better cooling

coolman234 -

When we fix the back cover at our shop we always spread just a little Loctite in every corner, sides and top + bottom. Make sure the battery doesn't have bumps sticking up from the back cover removal, try to "massage" them in so it gets flat again. The original back also has white sticky tape over the battery, if you can't get the exact tape don't bother putting other adhesive except fluid glue which doesn't harm the battery on it. Remove all the white sticky tape unless perfectly flat. Even the slightest push from below the back cover will loosen the corners eventually with only tape.

Svenpa - Antwoord

There is a nfc antenna glued to the back panel and this guide doesn't even mention it. At least my replacement back panel didn't come with an antenna on it and I noticed this *after* sticking it to the phone so I had to reopen the back and somehow shattered my new panel. Thanks guide.

Xingchen Hong - Antwoord

I recently replaced the back cover, for my z2, but now my camera has this smokey effect when i use the flash.

Anyone know how i can fix this.


Kendi - Antwoord

I also had that problem when I used back glass bought from eBay. China replica products has that problem because the flash hole isn't in right place. If there is some place where you can get original back glass would solve that flash problem, I am wondering too where I can get original replace back glass..

Pete -

Well the nfc antenna tear?do I need a new one implace of it or can I still use the old one again

cannden - Antwoord

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