1. Place the plastic removal tool in the corner of the object.
    • Place the plastic removal tool in the corner of the object.

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  2. Slide the plastic removal tool along the edges.
    • Slide the plastic removal tool along the edges.

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    • Remove the cover

    • Disconnect the battery, to avoid electric shock, by pulling up on the white plastic shown with the orange box.

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    • In the top right corner of the device remove the piece of tape connecting the front camera to the motherboard.

    • Then disconnect the camera from the motherboard.

    • Lift and remove the front camera to expose hidden screw to replace battery.

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    • Remove all screws connecting the battery to the tablet. Location of screws shown with red circles.

    • Then lift the left side first then detach the connection in the lower right corner. Connection shown with orange box.

    • Completely remove the battery.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Helps me with info I need for a screen replacement. I'll post pics when I complete it. need a new screen first, hard to find for that model.

evildrifty - Antwoord


thanks for this tutorial. do you know where I can buy the tablet battery ? thanks for your help.

safae - Antwoord

Same question. Where would be the best place to purchase a battery? All I've found seems sketchy and I dont want to have a time bomb on hand.

Gui L - Antwoord

any one actially got any andswers about were to actually get this replacement battery.. WHY OH WHY do the tuitorial without mentiong were to find the fleeping replacement?????

AvoidSonyAllTogether - Antwoord

Hello friends, for Sony Xperia Tablet Z 4 same way ?

thank you for support

Andi - Antwoord


Norėčiau paklausti

Mano Sony Xperia Z po valandos darbo ( pdf failų skaitymas ar filmo žiūrėjimas) parodo pranešimą , kad įrenginys perkaito ir yra išjungiamas.

Anksčiau to nebūdavo. Ar gali taip būti dėl baterijos senėjimo proceso ?




nemsig -


I want to ask

My Sony Xperia Z after hours of work (pdf file reading or watching a movie) displays a message that the device is overheated and shut down.

It did not exist before. Could this be due to the battery aging process?



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