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Sony WF-1000XM3 Battery Replacement

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    • Follow the video step by step as it shows the entire process of replacing the battery


Follow the video to replace the batteries of your ear buds

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Ludovic O.

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Thanks for the guide! Just replaced the batteries in mine - oddly, the original batteries were “Zenipower Z55”.

Glad I didn't have to throw them out and buy another set (lookin’ at you, Apple and Samsung!)

No idea how you were so smooth with opening the case, took me ten minutes going around in circles for each bud lol

Jason - Antwoord

could you provide the link to buy those batteries and also what is the battery life now after replacing?

Shivam Patel -

I had the Zenipower batteries as well, but could replace them with the Varta without any problems. Ordered them on Amazon. The guide was superb!

A1stein -

This worked like a charm ? One thing I noticed however: I don’t know if it’s a design chance with later revisions, but when I popped my cover open, the touchscreen and microphone assembly were firmly attached to the cover. Thus, the cover did not separate from the board, like shown in the video. Meaning that if I hadn’t been careful with the plastic picks, I could have accidentally sliced the ribbon cable connecting the touchscreen/mic assembly to the board! Keep that in mind and be careful! Even though these have a difficulty level of “easy”, they are DEFINITELY not meant to be opened and/or repaired!

Maximilian S. - Antwoord

Happened to me on one of the earbuds! I do believe that it came from wear and spread of the adhesive that usually attaches the touchscreen/mic-assembly to the inside of the bud instead of the top cover.

Maximilian Binder -

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