This guide is to instruct a person on how to remove a worn out washer or remove an extra washer that may have been installed during manufacturing.


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With one hand, press in the two gray oval shaped buttons found on either side.
  • With one hand, press in the two gray oval shaped buttons found on either side.

  • Gently pull back on the cover until it releases from the device.

  • Remove the back cover of the device.

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Grasp the CO2 tank and twist it in a clockwise motion.
  • Grasp the CO2 tank and twist it in a clockwise motion.

  • Once the CO2 tank is free, pull it towards you and lift upwards to remove it from the device.

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  • Flip the device upside down.

  • Locate the washer, this will be in the valve where the CO2 tank was located.

  • Using tweezers, remove the old/ extra wash and insert a new washer if needed.

  • For your machine to function properly, there should only be one washer present.

I lost washer. What size should I buy?

Lisa Provenzano - Antwoord

I used a 3/8” neoprene washer. It's not a perfect fit (a bit too big), so I had to cut it down slightly. Seems to work fine, though.

Dave Dunkman - Antwoord


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Any idea what the washer size is?

adamlouie - Antwoord

I was experiencing flat soda, and I finally found that the place where the co2 was escaping. Over the years, the straw part of the machine had come unscrewed just enough to allow the gas to escape. If you are not getting fizzy soda, also check the tightness of the straw part.

Dan Urness - Antwoord

Thank you for submitting this! I have one of the original Sodastream machines (Mother’s Day gift 2011) and use it almost daily for sparkling water. Suddenly had problems with a new refill and thought I’d have to replace the washer or perhaps even the machine. Turns out it was the straw thing being loose. You saved me a trip to the hardware store and then replacement cost for a new machine when the washer didn’t fix it!

Laurie Fields -

YES! This was my problem and you solved it. Took me less than a minute to fix. I suspect this is more likely the issue with most machines, rather than washers that can’t be replaced. Thanks for the tip!

Judy Dardeck -

What size is the washer and where can I get it? I am unable to remove the washer. It appears to be stuck. How do I remove it without damaging the unit?

s danie - Antwoord

I would also like to know where to purchase the sealing washer for the soda stream.

rose_st_cyr - Antwoord

me too. I need to replace the washer but don't know what size. Anyone know?

mary dechristopher - Antwoord

The manufacturer made this an impossible replacement. Just buy a new one. Screwed again!!

James Monk - Antwoord

The manufacturer does not want to make it easy. Screwed again. Buy another brand with easier servicing

James Monk - Antwoord

Screwed again. But another one!

James Monk - Antwoord

I found that these silicone washers (19mm x 10mm x 3mm) work great. You can order them on ebay and get 10 for less than $3 shipped.

Norman Farmer - Antwoord

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