Filament Sensor1Stock MK3 Filament Sensor (from stock)
PTFE tube2For v6 and cover (re-use stock)
V61Use V6 from stock extruder
Bondtech Kit1Two Bondtech gears, one shaft and two needle bearings from stock assembly
Nylon Washer2from stock
Spring1from stock
105ZZ bearings3Example: US
140x6mm GT2 loop belt (70 teeth)1Example: Robotdigg Note: get 2 to have back up. See Print guide for other sizes
5x45mm shaft with two flats1Pre-made: US, UK, Lightest: Heli shaft, Cheapest: raw shaft
Optional, but recommended
Nema 17 Pancake Stepper Motor1examples: LDO 0.9deg pancake, 1.8deg pancake, another. NOTE: e3d pancake not recommended
PTFE tubing1examples:Capricorn (US), Capricorn (UK)
Cleaning brush wheel1Example: 3/4" brush
673 bearing1-2For indirect or hybrid filament sensor option US
M5 heat set nut1For MMU2 US
    • get the printable parts for the basic Skelestruder from here:

    • There are variations to support other options like Beta heatsink, MMU2, etc. Search for Skelestruder on Thingiverse.

    • Important: before you start printing parts, please calibrate your extrusion using this or similar tester: Most of the parts of the skelestruder are 3D printed. One of the nice features is there are considerable options, in terms of colors and material choices allowing you to customize the look and feel.

    • parts are designed to minimize unique slicer settings, changing orientation, and post-processing. Ideally just print and go. That said, some post-print dressing is helpful. Before starting, clean up parts where they interface, such as removing burrs and blobs.

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  2. When you use the guide here, you can view the original images in high resolution for clarity.
    • When you use the guide here, you can view the original images in high resolution for clarity.

    • Just hover your cursor over the image and click the Magnifier button ("View original") in the top left corner.

    • Please remember to click on the complete button at the conclusion of each section (says "give author points"). This helps me track usage and if people get stuck. Thanks.

    • Many thanks for flobler for all the help getting these together, especially all the great photos!


The best extruder for your MK3

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