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  1. Drücke die zwei kleinen Rollen am vorderen Ende unterhalb der Bürste heraus
    • Drücke die zwei kleinen Rollen am vorderen Ende unterhalb der Bürste heraus

    No power in brush roller bar.

    Allan Kircher - Antwoord

  2. Entferne die 10 Phillips Schrauben unterhalb der Saugbürste. (2 der Schrauben sind unter den Rollen die Ihr im ersten Schritt entfernt) Die Schrauben haben unterschiedliche Längen, daher darauf achten wo ihr welche Schraube herausnehmt.
    • Entferne die 10 Phillips Schrauben unterhalb der Saugbürste. (2 der Schrauben sind unter den Rollen die Ihr im ersten Schritt entfernt)

    • Die Schrauben haben unterschiedliche Längen, daher darauf achten wo ihr welche Schraube herausnehmt.

    Screws under the wheels? Seriously? Who does that? Is Shark trying to make their vacuum like the cars are today? Working on cars together with their Dad was something guys (or girls) used to do when I was growing up. It was about bonding and learning about how things worked and also kept the car running. Kids don't get to do that anymore. Sadly appliances are apparently going the same way. It's unfortunate.

    itzjusme2 - Antwoord

    Mine only had 8 screws. Shark Navigator NV22L 31.

    Jaynee - Antwoord

    All this just to take the roller brush off; -(

    Victoria Henry - Antwoord

    Y'all need an raiser way to take the roller brush off , this is REDICULIOUS.

    Victoria Henry - Antwoord

    Two of those screws just hold the large back wheels on, they don’t need to be removed.

    Joe Evans - Antwoord

    To clean it and I actually just did mine wasn’t necessary to take it apart. Took me less than 10 minutes to do. I separated the bottom part and flipped it over. While holding it i took a sharp razor blade and made small repeated strokes cutting hair and debris. It did one section at a time then pinched it out with my hands. Vacuum is now spotless and didn’t have to go through the hassle of removing all those screws unless you need to replace the roller that is

    Debbie L - Antwoord

    Changing brush roller is the worst process I've seen…brain surgery would be easier. I'm cannot believe you ruined a great vacuum cleaner. You get one star fot that.


    My screws have little bumps in the center so how on he'll do you get a pointed Phillips head in there to turn the screw?

    Sue Bourne - Antwoord

    same issue here… must be on the later models.. looks like you need a special tool to get these screws out… look like hexagonal screw heads…

    steveo6666 - Antwoord

    after some digging around this is what I found:

    It should be noted that on some models you will need a T-20 security head (star-bit) driver to access the brush assembly. Of more importance, you will need at least a 3 inch bit, or single driver with a 3-inch stem, but do NOT try to use a 1/4 inch hex bit extender as the connector shank will be too wide to fit down the narrow screw wells.

    This comment was provided in the comment section of this video:

    steveo6666 - Antwoord

    I just did mine. The original post is no longer correct, nor is the last post. The screws are all Security Torx, size T15. I hight suggest getting three inch (skinny shank) bits. Normal size bits will NOT work because the screws are too recessed. Some thing like this should do…

    Tonsiki 11 Pieces 1/4 Inch Hex Shank T6-T40 3 Inch Length S2 Steel Torx Security Head Screwdriver Drill Set Bits

    Jeremy Burrage - Antwoord

  3. Entferne die weiße Plastikabdeckung um die Bürste zu öffnen
    • Entferne die weiße Plastikabdeckung um die Bürste zu öffnen

    I removed all 10 screws, but the roller brush compartment still didn’t open. Mine is the Shark Navigator Lift Away, is it too different of a model?

    Loreall Pooler - Antwoord

    I also have the Rotator Lift Away. You have to unlock the red piece in hte bottom center then pull it down to expose the last screw. As soon as that is loose the white cover will come off.

    bmcc49er - Antwoord

    Some models require you to have 6 pointed star bits with a hole in the middle. Two sizes. Small and smaller. Just as an FYI for those with newer models.

    maierster - Antwoord


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Tried driver tips on two MULTI-TIP tools (standard & metric), but none fit. Looks like a very small 6-sided star w/a hole n middle. Trying again tomorrow w/mini metric set. I agree, 10 screws, two under wheels is way too much trouble for something you need quick access to often for brush cleaning. The hose has several places where it comes apart very easily. I was impressed, but this roller plate ruined it.

Bettie Howard - Antwoord

Nice guide very easy to follow took awhile to complete only because vacuum parts I took off with very dirty had to clean other than that the guide was very very useful and very very easy to follow appreciate it!!!

Kenneth Johnson - Antwoord

Easy to get off but hard to get it bqck on. I put the name of my shark and took it apart and it was for a lift away which I dont have now I can’t get it back together HELP

Gail Jezik - Antwoord

Where did you find the replacement brush bar? Im having a heard time locating one.

meghmrr - Antwoord

This truly is not intended for the user to replace the roller, but rather, they would like you to pay a lot more to take it in to service! To have a star screw with hole - which is what mine has - not Philips - and under wheels and 10 of them of varying length, and good luck, like Bettie Howard said, getting the driver to fit into the deeper holes! I have no adapter or extension - means you’d have to purchase a special tool. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to replace the roller, but rather sucked a USB cable which quickly wrapped around it. I was trying to salvage it, but after 2.5 screws later, decided it was better to cut the cable!

a_1_jensen - Antwoord

You can get the required star screw drivers with the hole in them for about 5$ at stores like Harbor Freight or ask your local hardware store.

maierster -

I’m a 68 year old female and these instructions were simple and easy to follow. Standard philips head screw driver worked like a charm. 10 screws is a bit much but I love this vac and it’s a cheap at home fix that doesn’t take long. (I was stumped before reading this. Had no idea there were 10 screws! But this solved the mystery of why I couldn’t get it apart!). Thanks for the info! Great job!

Mary Jewell - Antwoord

I think this is the best vacuum ever.It does have a lot of screws but well worth it for such an awesome vacuum.Its lightweight, but sucks up better then an algae eater in a fish tank!!! Great suction and i love how it swivels with every turn.I will never even try anything else.I LOVE MY SHARK VACUUM!!!

jade4now - Antwoord

Oh and one more very important thing.Anybody that has cats know that a vacuum scares them and is to loud for them because they have excellent hearing.Way better then us humans .So sounds are louder for them.Not with the shark vacuum.They stay right where they are and just watch me because there is hardly any sound from the Shark vacuum.That is another big big and I mean big advantage to me.My cats do watch it but they dont budge from their sleeping spot.Meow. LOL.

jade4now - Antwoord

Oh and one more thing.Have a safe and Happy New Year…from Phoenix Arizona!!!!!

jade4now - Antwoord

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