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Does spinning the bezel no longer cause the watch to scroll? Replacing the bezel may solve the problem. This guide can also be used for general cleaning purposes as well.



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  1. Samsung Gear S2 Bezel Replacement, Bezel: step 1, image 1 of 2 Samsung Gear S2 Bezel Replacement, Bezel: step 1, image 2 of 2
    • Insert a plastic opening tool under the bezel, and then pry the bezel up.

    Pay attantion to the spring and little ball!

    Eric M. - Antwoord

    If possible, try to have the watch on a watch pillow while you're working. Be very careful when removing your bezel and work over a towel to make sure none of the tiny parts escape. There will be four white round bearings at approximately the 1, 5, 7, and 11 o'clock positions. If you do end up disturbing them, beneath these bearings will be four tiny springs. If you lose one of them, you're probably screwed, so be very careful with them. The springs themselves are magnetic, and since mine fell out, I had to figure out how to get them back in. A cell phone SIM card removal tool works perfectly to aid in easily getting them back in. The SIM card tool fits inside the spring, so all you have to do is set in in the hole in the face of the watch and use anything non magnetic to slide the spring off of the tool. From there, just set the bearing back in place and tilt the watch very slightly to roll it into the hole and on top of the spring.

    Ed Campbell - Antwoord

    I required Samsung Gear 2 watch strap holder please message me if you have I would like to order please thank you

    helenvivian1107 - Antwoord

    Samsung Gear 2 watch strap holder.

    helenvivian1107 - Antwoord

  2. Samsung Gear S2 Bezel Replacement, The 3 Parts: step 2, image 1 of 3 Samsung Gear S2 Bezel Replacement, The 3 Parts: step 2, image 2 of 3 Samsung Gear S2 Bezel Replacement, The 3 Parts: step 2, image 3 of 3
    • When prying the bezel off, ensure that you don't apply too much force and lose the 3 components needed for reassembly. Doing this over a container to catch the parts is a useful safety measure.

    • 1: Metal Bezel Ring

    • 2: Plastic Retainer

    • 3: The Watch Itself

    Ho smarrito il supporto in plastica…dove posso trovarlo? Grazie

    Massimiliano Morichini - Antwoord

  3. Samsung Gear S2 Bezel Replacement, Cleaning: step 3, image 1 of 1
    • Cleaning the metal bezel can be done using the tool previously used to pry the bezel off. There is a small ridge along the inside that will collect gunk. Running the edge of your pry tool through this ridge will clean out anything stuck in there, and make step 5 much easier.

    Pour some rubbing alcohol into a shallow tray and place the bezel face up in it. This will help with loosening the gunk that has accumulated in all the tiny holes around the back of the bezel. Allow to soak for a few minutes to remove the gunk from the holes. This will give a much more well defined click when rotating the bezel. You can also use the end of the SIM card tool or an old toothbrush to help clean out each hole. Rinse thoroughly and dry before placing the retainer ring in the groove. As far as putting oil on the retainer, I would say it's probably not a good idea. I put everything back together dry, and it works just as well now as it did the day it was new.

    Ed Campbell - Antwoord

  4. Samsung Gear S2 Bezel Replacement, Cleaning (Continued): step 4, image 1 of 1
    • Cleaning the plastic retainer will require much more care than the bezel, due to how fragile it is. Holding it carefully in between two fingers, gently rub a cotton swab against the part that is supported by your finger holding the retainer. Rotate the retainer as you clean the surface to ensure full coverage.

  5. Samsung Gear S2 Bezel Replacement, Re-Assembly: step 5, image 1 of 2 Samsung Gear S2 Bezel Replacement, Re-Assembly: step 5, image 2 of 2
    • The side of the retainer that has a ridged surface needs to face down in the watch.

    • The retainer sits in the groove around the inside of the metal bezel as shown in the image. Take notice of the orientation of the retainer in the image. The retainer should seat in the groove on the bezel without applying force.

  6. Samsung Gear S2 Bezel Replacement, Re-Assembly (Continued): step 6, image 1 of 2 Samsung Gear S2 Bezel Replacement, Re-Assembly (Continued): step 6, image 2 of 2
    • Once you have the retainer seated in the bezel, place the bezel face down on your watch face placing the side with the split in the retainer down first. If you do not do this, the retainer may not seat properly, as shown in the first photo.

    • If that happens, gently pry the bezel and retainer up by hand, re-seat the retainer in the bezel, and try again.

    • Once you have successfully replaced your bezel on the watch, it should feel like new and rotate freely again.

    Everything went fine up until this last step. I tried and tried and tried to get the bezel snapped back into place following the directions, but I always ended up unable to get one side of the bezel to press into place. What I ended up doing was placing the split in the ring at the 12 o'clock location, and instead of lining and pressing that section down first, I started 180° away from the split and got that aligned in the six o'clock pisition first, then I started working my way around the watch equally until I got to the split which was at 12 o'clock, I touch the bezel lightly with the tip of my finger and it clicked and fell right into place. The bezel is now in place and functioning exactly as it did when it was new. Aside from this one step, the tutorial went exactly according to plan.

    Ed Campbell - Antwoord

    Does anyone know where to find a replacement for a s2 classic rosegold bezel? My mom's fell off and she lost it all.

    Adam Orcutt - Antwoord

    Where can I buy the bezel ring

    thianaven rayapen - Antwoord

    Where can I buy the bezel ring for my Samsung gear S2SM-R730A watch

    thianaven rayapen - Antwoord


Your Bezel should now be able to rotate freely without any resistance.

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This is kind of a sick joke. The bezel has four of the tiniest screws and ball bearings imaginable which are impossible to find-almost better if you don’t, since you will never get them reinstalled!!

Stephen Ouellette - Antwoord

? There are no screws in the bezel, it is exactly as shown here if you have an S2 non-classic

Kevin Criswell -

I did not have any screws, but there were 4 very small plastic bearings! Thank goodness I did not loose them. Be careful. If they come out a little spit and put them back in the socket they sit in and they will stay. I had to try 4 times to get the ring back in right. My bezel moved well before I started but the watch did not react to it. Now after cleaning things are working better.

Patrick Hall -

Das Ablösen funktioniert. Allerdings gibt es eine winzige Kugel und eine winzige Feder, die dabei sich ebenfalls lösen und wieder an die richtige Stelle müssen. Die Gefahr diese zu verlieren ist gewaltig (mir passiert). Man kann diese unter nachbestellen. Es ist aber sehr schwierig, diese wieder an die richtige Stelle zu bekommen. Daher ist die Anleitung Schrott.

Stefanie Endres - Antwoord

Were I can her the bezel Gera 2

Federico Branca - Antwoord

Were I can get the gear 2 bezel

I lo ve in

Federico Branca - Antwoord

this is also true for gear s2 classic?

Moa cat - Antwoord

No, S2 sport.

free mail -

I regret not having read the comments first.

I lost four springs.

exjang0 - Antwoord

Where can you buy the replacement parts for this in the US?

J Andrew W - Antwoord

My s2 still wont work the springs and beads never came out and I cleaned the bezel, the retainer, and even cleaned the lining on the watch where the bezel attaches, but it still wont work. Any suggestions?

ASMR_tech - Antwoord

its magnests

Be Tu -

Does anyone know how the watch senses bezel rotation? I have a Gear S2 R-730A which has stopped responding to bezel rotation. I have followed the steps in this guide to pull of the bezel and clean things underneath, but the watch still does not respond. I need to know what may need to be replaced to restore the watch’s ability to respond to bezel rotation. Any ideas?

Brian Doe - Antwoord

Pay attention on four white plastic balls inside! No photo in this tutorial, why? Use needle on cleaning all holes in the ring. I recommand isopropyl alcohol. But after careful claning the bezel still not works, watches no detect moving with him. Factory reset without result too.

free mail - Antwoord

After a few restarts and power off, bezel ring works…

free mail - Antwoord

This is the link I used, I have the SM-R720. Parts came on time, and are working good so far, just replaced, so we’ll see if they hold up

Mike Eubank - Antwoord

I have lost the bezel, where can I order a replacement bezel? S2 Classic.

Sharon Patterson - Antwoord

This is bullshit, when you pop off the ring the little balls will pop out and be lost

Eric Vanhoozier - Antwoord

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