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Hi guys, am Dorcas Obayemi. Welcome to my page .Creating a guide to help anyone fix/replace the charging port of Samsung Galaxy J4 with ease.

If you have any problem or want to add something drop a comment

  1. Samsung Galaxy j4 Charging Port Replacement, Charging port: stap 1, afbeelding 1 van 1
    • Switch off the phone.

    • Dissemble the phone

    • Open back cover and remove the battery

    • Remove the nuts with the aid of a screw driver.

  2. Samsung Galaxy j4 Charging Port Replacement: stap 2, afbeelding 1 van 1
    • Remove the panel and recognize where the charging port is.

    • With the use of an opening tool remove the panel carefully.

  3. Samsung Galaxy j4 Charging Port Replacement: stap 3, afbeelding 1 van 1
    • Removing the charging port with the use of a soldering iron or hot air

  4. Samsung Galaxy j4 Charging Port Replacement: stap 4, afbeelding 1 van 1
    • Get you new charging port and fix it legs on the panel.

    • Use hot air or soldering iron along side with a tweezers to remove the charging port.

  5. Samsung Galaxy j4 Charging Port Replacement: stap 5, afbeelding 1 van 1
    • Making use of the hot air not soldering iron to fix the new charging port.

    • You can make use of a lead wire if the lead on the panel is not enough.

    • Boom you’re done replacing the charging port so place the panel back, screw the nut back and juice your phone.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Wow. Thanks for this contribution.

Aanuoluwapo Owoseeni - Antwoord

Incredible I believe this gonna help one replace charging port perfectly

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