1. Carefully start at the bottom of the tab prying the rear casing.
    • Carefully start at the bottom of the tab prying the rear casing.

    • Be careful prying, if you apply too much pressure you can crush the back.

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  2. Lift the back plate away from the tab.
    • Lift the back plate away from the tab.

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    • disconnect the battery by prying from underneath where the wires attach.

    • be careful prying. if you pry the connector you may rip it from the board.

    What's after step 3?

    Stephen Knight - Antwoord

    The guide is incomplete

    iPhone Rebel Repair - Antwoord

    its now finished

    Wesley Burson -

    • Remove the 6 screws holding in the battery]

    • Then the battery should lift out

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    • Next we will be disconnecting the cables shown in red

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    Spread the Fixmas cheer.


    Spread the Fixmas cheer.

    • the speaker connectors will be first.

    • Use a plastic opening tool to pop the connector off

    • repeat this for the other connectors show on previous step

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    • remove the screws holding the speakers in.

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    • lift both speakers out.

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    • remove the motherboard screws as shown

    A circle is wrong, meaning the one in the high-left showed in photo. If you don't have some experience, you can get confused, otherwise it wont matter.

    Nico Soranno - Antwoord

    • lift the motherboard out of the device

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    • flip it over and heat the glass using a heat gun, and insert your plastic opening tool.

    • slowly work your way around the device reheating as needed.

    • make sure the tool does not go too far into the device as it can break the lcd.

    • When heating, don't use too much heat as you can burn the lcd.

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    • after filling it with a world share of plastic tools, lift the screen off.

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    • feed the connector out of the frame.

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    • remove the old adhesive.

    • and clean the glass off the lcd

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    • reapply adhesive and feed the cable in the frame.

    • Then do the whole guide in reverse minus the prying.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hello! :)

Today I have replaced my screen following your guide and a YouTube video. They were both helpful :)

Just a warning, when you are taking off the old screen, trying to separate it from the glue, be careful not to insert the plastic tools too deep into the space between screen and glass, because you may damage the first one.

Good luck everyone! :D

Fil - Antwoord

Can't see why it's necessary to remove the battery or motherboard. Why can't you heat the digitizer off, since there's access to the cable?

If the correct amount of heat is applied, why is this all necessary?


The reason I recommend removing it is to help prevent the battery and motherboard from being accidentally heated. I know that if you do it just right there will be no heat applied to them but I'd rather be safe than sorry!

Wesley Burson -

I done this but new screen is not bonding well what are your recommendations

Elizabeth Mochrie - Antwoord

I replaced the digitizer and battery on my son's tablet. Now the network card is hardly able to pick up a signal. I have read that some people replace the antenna, but I can't see how that would help as it is such a simple design.

David Johnson - Antwoord

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