In this guide, you will learn how to replace the motherboard on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. A faulty motherboard can lead to a multitude of performance issues, especially if your device doesn't turn on at all. There are a couple prerequisites we need to get out of the way first!

  1. Place the bottom of the tablet towards you.
    • Place the bottom of the tablet towards you.

    • Remove the two 4.1 mm screws near the charge port with a Tri-Wing screwdriver.

      • On model GT-P7500, this step is omitted, as that model doesn't have these 2 screws.

    Access denied! The screws near the port are covered by buttons. I wedged a pointed screw and hammered "gently" until they popped out. Problem solved!

    Daniella - Antwoord

    My model doesn't have any screws!

    Barry - Antwoord

    What can I do if my model DOESN'T HAVE ANY SCREWS? It has a loose LCD cable so SOME of my colours are all mixed up. This is really frustrating so please help

    Janine Coetzee - Antwoord

    I have SG Tab Pro 10.1

    There are no screws..... now what?

    iloveto travel - Antwoord

    Great instructions! Easy to follow.

    skritzberger - Antwoord

    My model has no screws.

    Faith Odutola - Antwoord

    My model has no screws and doesn't look like the one pictured here. It's a model SM-T580.

    Elsa Kramer - Antwoord

    Be careful removing the two screw plugs by the 30 pin connector. They are easy to scratch. I couldn’t get the plugs out with my tool kit and finally removed them with the point of an exacto knife.

    Behind the two plugs are sticky pads that will need to be handled carefully and saved for reassembly.

    If you order a tool kit online, be sure it has a Y1 tri-wing screwdriver. The one in my kit was not Y1 and would not remove the screws.

    I had to order a new screwdriver.

    George Tomlinson - Antwoord

    I don't see any screws I have a galaxy tab 4

    Tammylynn Gmarter - Antwoord

    if your model doesn’t have these screws, it’s probably ok to just skip this step. at least that’s what i did on model gt-p7500, and that repair was successful (battery replacement). Janine, a friend asked me to fix his Tab where that had happened when he tried to replace the battery himself… i just took out the 3 big cables over the battery, and re-inserted them, and that fixed the problem. you should try that if you haven’t already..

    divinity76 - Antwoord

  2. Start in the middle of the left side and insert a plastic opening tool between the rear panel and the front panel assembly.
    • Start in the middle of the left side and insert a plastic opening tool between the rear panel and the front panel assembly.

    • Carefully run the plastic opening tool along the left and top edge to pry the rear panel away from the rest of the device.

    • Place opening picks along the side you have already pried open to keep the back panel detached from the rest of the device.

    • Be sure to work carefully, as prying too firmly can crack the screen.

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    • Using the plastic opening tools, continue to carefully run along the right and bottom edge, and then lift the screen from the back panel.

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    • Flip up the retaining flaps on the ZIF connectors that secure the three large ribbon cables.

    • Carefully pull the three ribbon cables from their sockets on the motherboard.

    Looking at the ZIF connectors in step 4....mine isn't charging. I suspect the problem lies in the jack for the USB/power cable. Would I be correct in thinking it's a matter of following to this point, then replacing the internal cable?

    gzapiec - Antwoord

    I took the cable all the way off and can't get on what to

    Tammylynn Gmarter - Antwoord

    I have sound but no pictures/screen what did I do wrong what should I check?

    Rodney perini - Antwoord

    If you don't have a picture on the screen, it could be caused by an issue with the electrical connectivity on one or other of the power/ data cables. Carefully unplug, clean and re-seat each of the cables, ensure if you use cotton buds, that you use a high powered magnifying glass to check for any flecks left behind….

    Re-seat the. Cables and try again.

    I hope this works for you Rod…

    By the way, to confirm a backlight issue, get a high power torch, or your mobile phone torch will do. Now shine this closely at an angle to the screen. You might see a faint non-illuminated screen!

    Phillip Gamble - Antwoord

    • Remove the ten 3 mm Phillips #00 screws surrounding the battery.

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    • Lift the edge of the battery up with your finger or a spudger.

    • Detach the battery by holding the motherboard down while gently lifting the battery up.

    Very simple, clever and effective presentation of opening rear cover.Thanks very much for simplicity. The way presented is user friendly.

    Video presentation is mostly in dark ambient, it is useless. Once moore thank you very much.

    Ljubo Baricevic - Antwoord

    The battery connector lifts up, not back. A plastic tool lifting under the five wires from the battery right at the base of the connector helps.

    petermui - Antwoord

    then what where do you buy a battery

    Janie montemayor - Antwoord

    ok after its all apart where do i buy the battery

    Janie montemayor - Antwoord

    @janiemontemayor Sorry about that—the link for the replacement battery was out of date. It's fixed now! Try the link at the top of this guide.

    Jeff Suovanen -

    Welches Tablet hast du denn da? Mein 10.1 hat keine Schrauben an der Ladebuchse

    Anja Mickenbecker - Antwoord

    • Hold down the motherboard with your finger and use a spudger to gently pry up the connection for the volume keys and power key.

    Hi anyone can tell me where to find this button, please, thx

    Johnny Khoo - Antwoord

    • Using the flat end of a spudger, disconnect the black flash cable connector from the motherboard.

    • Disconnect the white rear-facing camera connector.

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    • Use the flat end of a spudger to disconnect the orange front-facing camera connector.

    • Disconnect the blue Micro SD card/headphone jack connector from its socket on the motherboard.

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    • Using the flat end of a spudger, disconnect the orange speaker connectors for the left and right speakers.

    • Disconnect the gold antenna cable connector from its socket on the motherboard.

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    • Lifting from the bottom edge, gently remove the motherboard.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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How much is it for mother bord

Shahznaz Shah - Antwoord

How much do you charge for repair motherborad Samsung tab 4 10"1

Shahznaz Shah -

Comment passe t'on de l'étape 6 à 7 ? (plastique gris qui fait le tour)

Sebastien Mlakar - Antwoord

My 10.1 tablet switches on but the only thing showing on the screen is the “Samsung Galaxy 10.1” logo.

If the on/off button is held down for 20 seconds or so the screen goes blank for a few seconds then the logo reappears but nothing else happens. This logo only disappears when the battery is fully discharged.

After re-charging the battery the whole process is repeated

Any suggestions as to the problem


Jim Smith - Antwoord

have anyone found a solution?

Shaun Smith - Antwoord

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