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在某数学不好的手机厂商和操作系统厂商直接从8跳到X后,三星仍不为所动地带来了Galaxy S9+(甚至没有刘海)。只有拆解能告诉我们这部手机是一个强劲的对手,还是一个奇葩的AR表情机器。

我们同样有Samsung Galaxy S9的拆解视频,来看一看吧!

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Deze demontage is geen reparatiehandleiding. Om je Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus te repareren, gebruik onze reparatiehandleidingen.

  1. 以下向你展示S9+的各项配置 无刘海的2960 x 1440分辨率6.2英寸AMOLED屏幕(~530ppi)
    • 以下向你展示S9+的各项配置

    • 无刘海的2960 x 1440分辨率6.2英寸AMOLED屏幕(~530ppi)

    • 高通骁龙845处理器(或三星猎户座9810,取决于地区)

    • 1200万像素光学防抖主摄像头——ƒ/1.5或ƒ/2.4可变光圈——加一个1200万像素光学防抖长焦摄像头和一个800万像素前置摄像头。

    • 耳机孔和microSD卡槽

    • IP68级别防水防尘

    • Android 8.0 奥利奥

  2. 我们在顶部找到了SIM卡槽,和布局稍有变化的摄像头&指纹阵列。无需担心弄脏镜头。 底部和S8几乎一样——3.5毫米耳机孔还在。
    • 我们在顶部找到了SIM卡槽,和布局稍有变化的摄像头&指纹阵列。无需担心弄脏镜头。

    • 底部和S8几乎一样——3.5毫米耳机孔还在。

    • 一眼望去,扬声器格栅似乎变成了一个端口——实际上它还是格栅,但是网格被放在了里面。能被棉花塞住的扬声器孔有什么好处?

    • 冒充麦克风的SIM卡弹出孔似乎还不够,我们又有了一个对应的假充电端口。

    It's likely that the deeper speaker cavity helps with low-end part of the audio output as it was designed to do. The top speaker is designed to be more of a tweeter, handling mids and highs.

    Akram Ali - Antwoord

    Or maybe it’s a lint trap!!!! No reason and no effect to have the mesh near the outside edge. It wouldn’t change the sound at all.

    JBDragon - Antwoord

    I haven’t had any problems with lint on my iPhone lightning port or USB-C port… I think you’re just nit-picking. Also aren’t you on the Verge forums? You have debates about iPhone X and Samsung…

    djlobb01 - Antwoord

    “SIM-eject-impersonating microphone hole topside” … what happens if an owner mistakenly uses the Sim eject push pin tool in this hole? I did, and felt something give, but havent noticed any problems yet.

    Oopsy - Antwoord

    I too accidentally made this mistake out of excitement. No noticeable problems at the moment, but I have no idea how to test a secondary microphone.

    Brad Maloy -

    It’s likely that you just bumped a rubber seal in that aperture, you probably won’t notice microphone performance changes (it’s mostly in charge of hearing ambient noise). There’s a chance you might have reduced waterproofing. It depends on how tough a poke you gave it, but you’re probably fairly safe =)

    Sam Goldheart - Antwoord

    Is anyone else bothered that the speaker, charging port, and headphone jack aren’t lined up straight?

    Zach Heaton - Antwoord

    I too made the same mistake of poking a pin into the mic hole. I pushed with enough force tat you would think it needed to eject a sin tray. I didn’t notice any give or sounds when I poked it. No noticeable damage or sound issues, just paranoid that a year down the road it’s going to have issues. (Anxiety) I can’t tell enough from the pics to see what lines up with the hole .

    I feel like such a dummy

    Jake Reily - Antwoord

    I alo poked the sim eject tool into the hole. I assumed it was either the sim tray or a similar setup for the micro SD card. I’ve had the phone for less than a day and I’m already worried that I’ve damaged it. Unlike other people who feel stupid for doing this, I’m annoyed at Samsung. If you design a car with something that looks like a steering wheel but is actually a wheel release handle, you are inevitably going to get lots of wheels falling of cars. Holes like this have been used for decades to reset electronic equipment, replace SIMs and eject CD drives etc - they have become a standard visual cue that all the highly paid designers at Samsung surely understand. At the very least, the design flaw should have been spotted after shipping and the phones should ship with a yellow hard to remove warning sticker telling people not to poke that hole. I’m almost hoping that the phone doesn’t work properly and that I can return it soon under warranty, rather than worry about it for the next few years.

    yehudaharmor - Antwoord

  3. 值得表扬的是,在众多厂商纷纷跟随iPhone的脚步时,三星仍然保留了漂亮的全视曲面(无刘海)屏。 左边的S9+和右边的“无边框”刘海iPhone X。
    • 值得表扬的是,在众多厂商纷纷跟随iPhone的脚步时,三星仍然保留了漂亮的全视曲面(无刘海)屏。

    • 左边的S9+和右边的“无边框”刘海iPhone X。

    • 背面,iPhone X的摄像头突起得有点丑,但是S9+的传感器排列更加奇怪。

    • 为了无线充电,玻璃后盖迅速在产业中普及。非常漂亮,但是对手滑的人不友好。

    • 当然,iPhone 4S的玻璃后盖只需两分钟就可以更换完毕;但这里可不一定。

    More “sprawling and awkward looking"… Really? You ooze fanboy so hard it's sad; best you'd literally do deplorable things for a chance at an exclusive, prototype iPhone --sheep.

    You're Amateurs - Antwoord

    So you are saying that the galaxy s9 plus looks perfect on the back and not at all needing a little diesign tweak? I personally also think that it doen’t look that great

    Zach Heaton -

    Jeez what an embarrassing comment

    Tommy Gurreri -

    The iPhone has the Notch, but you see, there’s BONUS screen on the left and right side of it. Which is wasted space on the Samesung phone, Plus there’s another Black Bar on the bottom of the phone which the iPhone doesn’t have at all. No notch, no nothing. Glass on back was something Apple did long ago on the iPhone 4 and 4S!!! To have FAKE wireless charging, you need to use a non-conductive back. Glass works great for this. Or you go and use Plastic, which I don’t think Apple would use on a high end phone and Samesung has also moved away from on their high end phones. Maybe Ceramic is a option, but more costly. TheiPhone 6 that I have is very slippery and it’s not a glass back. I installed a bulky case to keep it from slipping from my hand.

    JBDragon - Antwoord

    What exactly is “fake wireless charging?” Go look at how induction charging works and how you don’t need to plug in your phone.

    Calvin H -

    I think he just means inductive charging in general. The term “wireless charging” as applied to current tech is kind of a misnomer since it’s only wireless in a trivial sense—imagine if someone sold you a “wireless router” but you had to physically place your computer on top of it to get a signal. If true long-range wireless charging ever becomes widely available, today’s “wireless charging” may seem like a lot of silly marketing hype in hindsight.

    Jeff Suovanen -

    (In Mr Burns voice) Samesung ey?

    Seriously though, why are you even here??? LOL

    djlobb01 -

  4. 在深入内部之前,我们找到了我们的老朋友Creative Electron来点高能(X光)侦测。 除开例如后置双摄之类的小部件,看起来非常像上次我们看到的那样。
    • 在深入内部之前,我们找到了我们的老朋友Creative Electron来点高能(X光)侦测。

    • 除开例如后置双摄之类的小部件,看起来非常像上次我们看到的那样。

    • 事实上,主板环绕在电池周围布局在最近的手机上还是挺常见 的,但有一个例外

  5. 虽然她不如S4,但S9在近来众多的破坏后带来一时和平。 标准的加热、撬动操作让我们得以进入这个三明治中——我们绝对不是在野餐! 得益于先前的经验——绝没有三星的功劳——我们得以在不损坏电缆的情况下进入内部。知识是通向梦想的钥匙!
    • 虽然她不如S4,但S9在近来众多的破坏后带来一时和平。

    • 标准的加热、撬动操作让我们得以进入这个三明治中——我们绝对不是在野餐!

    • 得益于先前的经验——绝没有三星的功劳——我们得以在不损坏电缆的情况下进入内部。知识是通向梦想的钥匙!

  6. 在一番危险操作后,我们进入了手机后部。 我们直接去看后置摄像头花哨的可变光圈做动作。 摄像头在暗光拍摄时自动调节光圈(ƒ/1.5是所有手机中最大的),而在正常环境中切换到更标准(和清晰)的ƒ/2.4光圈。
    • 在一番危险操作后,我们进入了手机后部。

    • 我们直接去看后置摄像头花哨的可变光圈做动作。

    • 摄像头在暗光拍摄时自动调节光圈(ƒ/1.5是所有手机中最大的),而在正常环境中切换到更标准(和清晰)的ƒ/2.4光圈。

    • 常规相机镜头需要至少五片光圈叶片,让光圈保持近似圆形,但S9上仅用了两个环状刀片形的光圈,仅用于单一性调整。

    I wonder how well the 2 rotating ring blades will hold up over time? It is a moving part on a device that gets a lot of abuse. Far more in general than a Camera From what I’ve heard, it’s more hype than anything on this phone. As in it doesn’t do a whole lot. Will that become a new thing on other phones, or will it go away as a failed experiment? Who knows at this time.

    JBDragon - Antwoord

  7. 重新排布的指纹识别器是被我们从家中带走的第一个受害者。一圈胶水让其乖乖地待在那,并且不会让液体侵入。 我们对三星仍然没有一个更好的指纹传感器线路的设计而感到有些失望——它在我们拆后盖是被讨厌的胶水粘住了,并差点报销传感器。三星,你明年会怎么做呢? 15个螺丝后,熟悉的两块式中框夹心饼被取下,它自带无线充电线圈,天线集成和底部扬声器。
    • 重新排布的指纹识别器是被我们从家中带走的第一个受害者。一圈胶水让其乖乖地待在那,并且不会让液体侵入。

    • 我们对三星仍然没有一个更好的指纹传感器线路的设计而感到有些失望——它在我们拆后盖是被讨厌的胶水粘住了,并差点报销传感器。三星,你明年会怎么做呢?

    • 15个螺丝后,熟悉的两块式中框夹心饼被取下,它自带无线充电线圈,天线集成和底部扬声器。

    • 为了拆除Galaxy的电池,你需要怎么操作呢

    • 方案一:加热、死命地翘,一瓶灭火器、一桶沙子以及神一般的操作

    • 方案二:一个装有一点点 iFixit 胶水去除液的注射器。

    • 我们选择方案二,将蓝色的针头滴入电池背部,几分钟后我们便将其拆出了

    • 这是一块3.85伏,3500毫安时的电池,可储存13.48瓦时的能量。看起来很眼熟?

    • 没错,这和我们在去年的S8+以及臭名昭著的Note 7的电池一样。

    • 顺便一提,三星很喜欢在电池上贴着这种黑色网状结构的贴纸,我们并不清楚这有什么用,如果你知道,麻烦给我们留言

    The sticky black webbing is surely something to drive the heat away from the battery, no?

    Gimi - Antwoord

    Option 1: lots of heat, a pry tool, a fire extinguisher, a bucket of sand, and nerves of steel vibranium. “

    most likely what I would end up doing.

    Aiden - Antwoord

    The black sponge tape over the battery is to allow for the miniscule amount of battery expansion that is 100% normal to every aging li-po battery and to not cause damage to the backglass when it eventually needs that space. Case closed.

    You're Amateurs - Antwoord

    Is that stuff even needed? The battery is glued down so well it’s going no where. So a little gap to allow for expansion shouldn’t hurt things that you need that mat. Who knows, and does it matter?

    JBDragon - Antwoord

    It's precision engineering, so yes it matters. If you drop your phone the small gap doesn't transfer energy as pushing the battery against the plastic frame does; as lipo(s) expand the high density foam gives way for that expanded space. It's likely on a nano-meter scale, but precision engineered as I said. Such engineering allows for cohesive standards and ability to reverse engineer in the wake of something as large as the Note 7 issue…

    You're Amateurs -

    Is the black webbing conductive?

    michael munroe - Antwoord

    Can you get the adhesive remover in Australia? I would like to give it a shot

    James Turner - Antwoord

    Just Use Alcohol or even Orange (not the orange you eat) find it at supermarkets if you can wait a few minutes. I’m inpatient De-Solv-it

    Highly effective solvent-based cleaner

    Natural citrus base

    Safe to use - Not Class 3 Flammable

    No overwhelming vapours

    Australian made

    Used to be sold at Coles now I only find it at Bunnings

    Paul Zacharis -

    Every other phone has pull tabs for the battery. I guess Samsung didn’t get the memo. Looks like I’ll have to invest in this syringe as I plan on having this phone for years to come.

    Psedog - Antwoord

    Maybe it helps the robot to recognize the boundary of the lipo battery. Samsung may use different suppliers as was the case on note 7

    ooisk44 - Antwoord

    Samsung engineer: “We do not know how, but the black sticker prevents battery explosion. So we just left it here. Magic.”

    Евгений Фирсов - Antwoord

    avec juste un sesamo et un peu de chaleur je vous retire la batterie en 2 min sans la tordre ni la boursouffler et l’ecran reste intacte idem pour le cache batterie .

    mercy yoann - Antwoord

    It’s for thermal expansion. Batteries breath - inhale during charge up need room. Much like the lungs in our chest cavity.

    Kashif Maqsood - Antwoord

    Keeps pressure off the center of the backglass or else it would break 1,000,000,000,000 % faster

    Joey Glaser - Antwoord

  8. 再卸下2个螺丝和几个线路插头后就能取出主板了。 没人料到屏幕排线会穿过机身的一条狭缝再连接主板,似乎想把自己拉坏。 如果你看来近几年的Galaxy拆解,这是唯一一个。
    • 再卸下2个螺丝和几个线路插头后就能取出主板了。

    • 没人料到屏幕排线会穿过机身的一条狭缝再连接主板,似乎想把自己拉坏。

    • 如果你看来近几年的Galaxy拆解,这是唯一一个。

    • 三星,我们知道你为什么这么做,但是你应该比这更聪明。现在是2018——给我们一块无需撕下胶水粘住的背板就能断开和更换的屏幕!

    • 成就解锁:主板

    With a ip68 rating? You're dreaming, and your use of hyperbole is

    You're Amateurs - Antwoord

    And it's not glue,

    You're Amateurs - Antwoord

    “Glue: an adhesive substance used for sticking objects or materials together.” Pressure sensitive adhesives, like double-sided tape, are also glues, they just have a carrier =)

    Sam Goldheart -


    thoughts on the above comments?

    George A. - Antwoord

    @pccheese excellent comment followed by an even greater reference :-)

    oldturkey03 -

  9. 尽管有2个传感器,这个双摄像头是用一块电路板和一个端口的一整个模组! 算上后置的双摄,S9+一共包含了4颗摄像头,另外两颗为前置摄像头以及虹膜摄像头 但,双光圈摄像头的设计,可以说S9+一共包含了5颗摄像头,四种图像传感器,但提供五种拍摄方式。
    • 尽管有2个传感器,这个双摄像头是用一块电路板和一个端口的一整个模组!

    • 算上后置的双摄,S9+一共包含了4颗摄像头,另外两颗为前置摄像头以及虹膜摄像头

    • 但,双光圈摄像头的设计,可以说S9+一共包含了5颗摄像头,四种图像传感器,但提供五种拍摄方式。

    • 与去年的“梦幻”相机相对于,今年的相机被称为“Star”

    • 我们在TechInsights的伙伴拆开了这个摄像头,并发现其中藏有芯片。三星声称他们在相机中集成的内存能让相机多获得四倍的图像数据。960FPS慢动作?

    ‘star’ is a device codename of S9 (starlte) and S9+ (star2lte), while ‘dream’ is the codename of S8 (dreamlte) and S8+ (dream2lte).

    Daniel Simko - Antwoord

    People leave out that the 960fps is at only 720P and it’s only for a few seconds which seems silly!!! Also way to SSLLLOOOWWW. As someone who does use Slow-Mo on my iPhone once in a while to record Industrial machines in a factory so that I can see what’s happening at a slower speed because it’s normally to fast for my eye’s to catch what’s going on, that is slow enough for my needs and I can record for a long period so that I can catch it making the mistake. Apple’s 240fps, is a really nice speed, where it’s slowed down enough to see what’s happen, and actually moving. To SSLLLOOWWW and you couldn’t see what was really happening. Besides the S9 can do the same as the iPhone now at 1080P 240fps which is really more useful anyway. What I’m seeing from a number of sites, Camera Sites for example, it’s recording for only .2 seconds and playback is 30fps for 6 seconds. Who the !&&* would use that? That is a GIMMICK. So stick with 240fps at 1080P. you have much, much longer/better recordings

    JBDragon - Antwoord

    The Slow-mo guys on youtube often record action at a fraction of a second. Enough to play it back to analyze the result. Just because 960fps is too slow for you doesn’t mean it is a gimmick. That’s very arrogant. I don’t find the iPhone 8’s wireless charging necessary but I wouldn’t call it a gimmick. I’m sure you’ll find ways to praise Apple’s version on the next iPhone. You seem to feel the need to venture onto non-Apple pages and articles to tell us how much the Samsung sucks and why it’s the same, yet make a positive spin for every Apple decision. The iPhone has largely stayed the same from the iPhone 6 up-to the 8, however because it’s Apple, it’s familiar and recognisable. Samsung re-uses the same design for the second iteration, they’re now Samesung… I don’t get it. I don’t even use a Samsung as my daily either haha.

    djlobb01 - Antwoord

  10. 讨人喜爱的耳机孔又回来了。它的垫片保护着手机,它的模块化也使得更换十分便宜。 我们取下了多功能副板,上面有同轴互联电缆,麦克风,USB-C端口和许多弹簧触点。 装在副板上的充电口使得更换更加方便和便宜。
    • 讨人喜爱的耳机孔又回来了。它的垫片保护着手机,它的模块化也使得更换十分便宜。

    • 我们取下了多功能副板,上面有同轴互联电缆,麦克风,USB-C端口和许多弹簧触点。

    • 装在副板上的充电口使得更换更加方便和便宜。

    • 下一个是第二个扬声器——听筒,同时也是一个外放扬声器,不仅能播放立体声,还能播放环绕声(这部手机可以)。

    Easier as in you don't have to know how to do PCB soldering

    You're Amateurs - Antwoord

    @yuramateurs Correct; not everyone who buys this phone will have the capability to microsolder these components. So it makes replacement much easier for your average individual!

    George A. -

    who is microphone vendor?

    염광현 - Antwoord

  11. 主板正面的元件: 三星(Samsung)K3UH6H6-NGCJ 6 GB LPDDR4X内存,高通骁龙845处理器在其下层。
    • 主板正面的元件:

    • 三星(Samsung)K3UH6H6-NGCJ 6 GB LPDDR4X内存,高通骁龙845处理器在其下层。

    • 东芝(Toshiba)THGAF4G9N4LBAIR 64 GB UFS存储(NAND闪存&控制器)

    • 安华高(AVAGO)AFEM-9096 KM1746

    • 高通(Qualcomm)Aqstic™ WCD9341音频编解码器

    • 美信公司 (Maxim) MAX77705F 电源管理集成电路

    • 高通(Qualcomm)QET4100 包络追踪无线电放大器

    • 美信公司(Maxim) MAX98512 音频功放

    From the SAMSUNG’s product link , it is 48Gb LPDDR4x which should be 6GB capacity.

    JJ Wu - Antwoord

    Oh my GOD!!!! Samesung doesn’t make all their own parts!!!!!! Toshiba, Avago, Qualcomm, Maxim and a number of others!!!! Not that I really care. But this is something fandroids like to bash the iPhone over. The simple fact is, few company’s make their own parts. Apple does design their own parts including the CPU/GPU and other chips and even though the iPhone X OLED screen is made by Samesung, it was designed by Apple!!! That’s the point. A Smartphone is so complex, there is no way any simple company could make ALL their own parts. Samesung does make a lot of their own parts though. That’s a big advantage or them. For those factory’s to make a profit, that have to also make parts for others like Apple. To Apple’s specs. Those places generally have to run 24/7.

    JBDragon - Antwoord

    SAMSUNG makes more their own parts than Apple. The one you see here is “Qualcomm AP-based” S9+. You may check “SAMSUNG AP-based” model. SAMSUNG made their own CPU, GPU, modem, NFC, PMIC, LPDDR4x, UFS…

    JJ Wu -

    You sound like a complete dork. Who to is bashing another phone about making their own parts. Get a life or have someone make it for you!!!!

    Bridget -

    Also, apple doesn't actually make their own chips, they design them and have someone else make them. Samsung does it all themselves.

    George A. - Antwoord

  12. 反面: 村田(Murata)KM7N16048 无线局域网&蓝牙模块
    • 反面:

    • 村田(Murata)KM7N16048 无线局域网&蓝牙模块

    • 恩智浦(NXP)PN80T NFC控制器

    • 高通(Qualcomm)PM845 电源管理集成电路

    • 高通(Qualcomm)SDR845 101 无线电收发器

    • Skyworks SKY78160-11 前端模组

    • 高通(Qualcomm)PM8005 电源管理集成电路

    Labeling things as “likely" and continuing to be wrong as stated above? What a $@$* show you've done thus far. How do you have a job here? …unless… you're all amateur jokes?

    You're Amateurs - Antwoord

    Could you take picture again?. I can’t recognize the letter on chip.

    CK. RYU - Antwoord

  13. 分离屏幕是拆解过程中最热的地方——但是胶水需要不少耐心,于是我们放弃iOpener而再一次使用了热风枪。 一如既往,热量和撬片足矣,但是真正更换损坏的屏幕的过程像马拉松一样长。 三星制造的屏幕排线,和相机排线一样标上了Star,并把触控和显示集中在一根线上。
    • 分离屏幕是拆解过程中最热的地方——但是胶水需要不少耐心,于是我们放弃iOpener而再一次使用了热风枪。

    • 一如既往,热量和撬片足矣,但是真正更换损坏的屏幕的过程像马拉松一样长。

    • 三星制造的屏幕排线,和相机排线一样标上了Star,并把触控和显示集中在一根线上。

    • 最后一块芯片装在屏幕后侧。

    • 三星(Samsung)S6SY761X 触控控制器 (和S8系列上的一样)

    Wow. That screen is now useless. What a

    You're Amateurs - Antwoord

    These phones are just getting harder to work on. The screen should be easy to replace as that gets cracked quite often. To replace the screen on one of these, I wouldn’t do it. Where would you take a Samesung phone for a screen replacement?

    JBDragon - Antwoord

    Well, I guess you'd go to your bank, and withdraw $400 to pay for it.

    George A. -

    The only way I've been able to remove the screen is to work from the other side.

    Work some isopropyl alcohol through the battery compartment, LCD cable slot, camera mount, and headphone jack area. Flex the glass back and forth to suck the IPA in there, then heat up the aluminum frame to loosen the adhesive holding the OLED panel to the frame. Usually I start from the edge closest to the battery and buttons. As soon as there's a slight gap, work in a pry tool to break the adhesive, add a bit more IPA then heat, and work your way around to the top and bottom, then the other edge just levers off.

    My rationale for starting from that side is that you're heating the adhesive holding the OLED to the frame more than you're heating the adhesive holding the glass to the OLED. It still shouldn't get too hot to handle with rubber/nitrile gloves on.

    I've done this with an 80+% success rate on more than a dozen phones with only two destroyed screens, maybe three, but I wasn't trying to save that last one.

    Mark H - Antwoord

    Would you mind posting a close up photo of the Samsung S6SY761X touch controller?

    A better photo may help me identify the chip’s model. Then I can have a closer loot at the specs.

    Samsung seems to hint at a Scan/Report rate of 160Hz/120Hz.


    Michael - Antwoord

    @destructive Click any image to blow it up. You can read all the chip markings. Further, if you see an extension like .full or .huge at the end of the image URL, delete it from the URL and refresh to see the image in its maximum available resolution.

    Jeff Suovanen -

  14. 生物特征识别的较量
    • 生物特征识别的较量

    • 左侧的选手是我们的S9+,同去年的发现相类似,S9+配备了:虹膜扫描仪、前置摄像头、红外传感器及距离传感器

    • 右侧的选手是苹果不受待见的刘海,其配备的Face ID包括了:前置摄像头、红外点阵投影仪、红外相机以及泛光传感器和距离传感器

    • 部分需要组装

    • 根据更早的评测,三星可能在没有适合硬件的条件下过于野心勃勃地上了Animoji的车。

    Ugh, the cringe is

    You're Amateurs - Antwoord

    Crying on every picture, get a grip

    jcaldwell89 -

    Samesung’s version seems a little creepy. Not sure who would use it. More Gimmick than anything anyway.

    JBDragon - Antwoord

    Samsung scans your eye. Apple scans your entire face. Your eye is more unique than a fingerprint or your face. I don’t see what’s so creepy about an eye scanner… they’ve been around since the 90’s, and it’s pretty hard to trick a modern one. While a face, on the other hand, could be tricked easily with a picture molded onto a dummy head or a mask.

    Please stop calling Samsung a gimmick just because you personally have no use for its features.

    George A. -

    I would say both Animoji and AR Emoji are both gimmicks. The difference being you can actually use your avatar as a gif in many 3rd party apps similarly to Bitmoji. It is kind of creepy. However I think both are novelty. You can’t single out Samsung just because you own an iPhone X.

    djlobb01 -

    He's talking about the animoji not the face or retina scanning!

    Richard Denton - Antwoord

    Is it just me or the arrangement of the front facing camera and sensors differ from one phone to the other? I have my front facing camera alone on the right side of the phone and the other sensors are on the left side. Also when i checked jerryrig's teardown video on the S9, the front facing camera has another lense besides it.

    Gian Marty - Antwoord

  15. 这就是全部了,无论如何,让Galaxy S9+丰富你的视觉体验吧,期待着来自iFixit的更多拆解乐趣吧
    • 这就是全部了,无论如何,让Galaxy S9+丰富你的视觉体验吧,期待着来自iFixit的更多拆解乐趣吧

    • 想成为第一个知悉拆解讯息的人吗?在我们的资讯栏留下你的联系方式。

    Why a 4 if it's easily opened and fixed screen is an old one which means there is no way of saving it so removing the broken glass with the screen means just replacing everything you guys are way behind on technology

    Gasper Torner - Antwoord

  16. Laatste gedachten
    • 许多组件都是模块化的且易于更换
    • 电池可以进行更换 但胶水的使用增加了不必要的困难
    • 前后面板牢牢粘住的玻璃非常容易破碎,同时让拆解维修变得困难
    • 维修屏幕在伴随着大量拆解工作的同时,还要处理这些强力的粘胶
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Just like the S8 being called the “Dream”, the Note 8 was called the “Great” and the S9 is called the “Star.“ So yes, there are fingerprint sensors out there called the “Dream Finger,“ “Great Finger,“ and “Star Finger.“ Weird, yet hilarious.

iliketurtuls - Antwoord

Lmao, I hope you understand your referring to the ribbon and not the entire sensor; I am not at liberty to correct you, but lookup the description of a fingerprint sensor from a genuine OEM authorized reseller

You're Amateurs -

Yes, I do understand that I am referring to the ribbon, that’s why I called it a cable. It’s not a leap to assume that the cable is carrying the label for the assembly. Just like the “S9+” printed on the rear case represents the whole phone, not just the glass.

Sam Goldheart -

The sticky black webbing on the battery is most likely a thermal pad to assist with heat dissipation. An air gap, even a tiny one (microns) still acts as a poor thermal conductor.

Ashley Foxcroft - Antwoord

No it isn't.

You're Amateurs -

It's interesting, isn't it, that they dedicate significant internal space to that heat pipe for better thermal management. However even so, neither chip (I assume, more testing needed) catches the A11s sustained performance over time. Makes me wonder what improvement that heat pipe would show in the A11. And makes me want an actively cooled A11X clamshell….

tipoo - Antwoord

I’m waiting since the launch of iPhone X, I think it will beat a decent amount of i7 processors.

Abedoss -

Dahhhh, A11 already been beaten --follow antutu news more frequently,

You're Amateurs -

You guys did not talk about the new heart rate pulse oximeter sensor that Samsung is touting. I noted it has 4 LEDs (a pair of red and a pair of infrared?). It is definitely not the same part as the S8, which appears to be a Maxim IC. Comments?

anonymous 3038 - Antwoord

Probably a similar system to the Apple Watch. Except it’s red instead of green.

Liam Powell -

Hi. Hmm the wireless charger receiver does not look like it is exactly in the middle. It looks more towards the bottom part of the phone. Maybe the size is bigger? Would you please confirm the exact location and size of the wireless charging receiver coil?

Eddy - Antwoord

As usually the screen broke? You have to pay for the frame, hearpeace, small prarts and to pay 450$ nice

Fixmart Laboratory - Antwoord

My supplier only sells Samsung LCD’s with the Frames, however only accepts ones without frames for recycle. So I have frames sitting around doing nothing.

James Turner -

This is why I haven’t bought a new smartphone in over a year…. I’ll just keep taking my friends money and fix their $800.00+ phones while my $125 (new, over a year ago) ZTE Prestige keeps on doing what the $800 ones do… except the draining my wallet part.

Vincent - Antwoord

Nice design.

Kevin - Antwoord


So, no radio on this model either?

Thanx for another great video and teardown explanation : )

Héctor Gonçalvez - Antwoord

At least they made microphone easier to replace, that was the biggest problems in phones. Now give me this phone for free because all older phones from Samsung, Nokia, LG is expensive $@$* who breaks fast.

janisr545 - Antwoord

“While phone makers and operating system developers of dubious numeracy skip straight from eight to ten “

Funny, but Samsung actually innovated this first! They went from the Galaxy Note 5 to the Galaxy Note 7

Nick - Antwoord

What the auto-adjust aperture camera module size?

Ryan Wu - Antwoord

Pour moi ce téléphone aurait une note de 7/10

mercy yoann - Antwoord

I dropped and cracked the rear glass on my galaxy s9+. I don't want to take it in to sprint to have them replace it because they'll charge me a fee when I can do it myself. Does anyone know where I can buy one?

Gina - Antwoord

I mistakenly thought the bottom of the phone had the sim card slot. I inserted the sim tool into the small hole next to the usb c port. I think this is part of the speaker. Did I do any damage?

Dan Coogan - Antwoord

That’s a microphone opening.

Caleb Kan -

me too. I just did that and mic seems to work OK but idk if it works flawlessly or if the seal is broken. Why they make all this things so confusing.

Please let me know your outcome.

Andres Corona -

So what about the camera lens cover? Can that still be replaced in the same way as with the S8+? I.e.: basically just heat it up with a heat gun and snap/break it out, then put a new one in with a sticky pad… All without without having to actually open up the phone?

Obviously the lens cover is now rectangular in shape an no longer square but other than that I’m hoping it’s the same procedure as I have a brand new s9+ that already has a scratch running through the lens which is causing a lot of glare in sunny shots :(

Any news on when a replacement part like that might start hitting the store??


Silvermane - Antwoord

The X-ray is my screensaver.

Rob C - Antwoord

Compared to other devices, it is decently modular, however I would have liked to see an easy to remove battery.

EXE167 - Antwoord

I suspect that the pad on the battery is for friction and vibration control. The gap between the midframe and the battery will close over time and at some point it will rub and rattle.

Kevin McMurtrie - Antwoord

I had broken my camera lens glass slip what can i do for it????

Soumyadeep Ghosh - Antwoord

How durable is the fingerprint scanner glass?

John - Antwoord

Now i am fight (:)) with Samsung. My display crash near CPU (thank you to show me where is it) passing from very hot (summer sunny day +40 and phone working with gmap) to cold (train with strong air conditioner) , and samsung say this problem is not covered from guarantee. Bha… To someone happen? in case please contact me , details on website

image here

Mauro Telani - Antwoord

Hello, I own a Samsung Galaxy S9 + Plus, the other day fell to the ground breaking the display and the background images were seen double and moved.

Replacing only the display system? or the defect of the images and due to something else?

ALK - Antwoord

but to replace the volume and power keys you have to change the whole central frame ???

Antonio Riccio - Antwoord

The power and volume keys can be replaced separately, if you have the parts. They come out of the frame without too much trouble.

Jeff Suovanen -

So i was looking into replacing my s9+ battery. And this is my first time ever even doing anything like that with any phone. Would you recommend me doing it? Or should I just take it to a professional store? What are some of the issues with me doing it and what all can happen? Thanks!

Nick - Antwoord

@nickc68 The S9+ is less than a year old, so if your battery is already going bad, you should probably just submit a warranty claim and let Samsung take care of it. I’m all for using the DIY option, but it’s not the customer’s responsibility to replace a faulty battery on a device that’s still under warranty. In terms of the procedure, it’s almost identical to replacing a battery on the S8+.

Jeff Suovanen -

S9+ fingerprint sensor “screen" is made out of what?

James B. Norris - Antwoord

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