The removal of the front facing Camera is a time consuming process. It involves the use of a few tools such as a guitar pick, a heat gun, tweezers, a screwdriver, and plastic opening tools. You should be aware of the hazards and safety procedures of these tools before starting the process.

  1. Insert your fingernail or plastic opening tool into the divot at the top of the rear-facing camera.
    • Insert your fingernail or plastic opening tool into the divot at the top of the rear-facing camera.

    • Gently pry and twist the flexible rear cover off the back of the phone.

    Great looking guide with well lit pictures and very concise bullet points.

    Rusbell Gonzalez - Antwoord

  2. Use your fingers to remove the SIM card
    • Use your fingers to remove the SIM card

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    • Insert a fingernail or plastic opening tool into the recess in the bottom right corner of the battery and lift upward.

    • Remove the battery away from the phone.

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    • Make sure the battery, the SIM card, and the MicroSD card have been removed. If these components are not removed, they may get damaged when the heat is applied.

    • In this step you'll be using a heat gun. The heat gun operates at high temperatures, and it may harm you or the device if not used appropriately. Please follow the heat gun safety procedures indicated in it's manual to prevent any harm.

    • Use a heat gun at an approximate distance of 2-3 inches from the phone to apply heat to the phone and loosen up the adhesive in the display.

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    • Starting from the upper left corner, insert a guitar pick in between the display and the phone case.

    Steps 7 through 9 are redundant and should be removed.

    Rusbell Gonzalez - Antwoord

    First, starting the first edge is a huge pain. As soon as the thin guitar pick got near the warm phone, it softened up and wouldn't pry the edge up. I found it easier to use a thumbnail to get the first edge lifted and then get the tip of a pick in the opening. Second, this repair is essentially impossible if you are trying to replace an internal component without replacing the glass/digitizer/LCD. The adhesive holding the glass to the digitizer/LCD is released easier than the adhesive tape behind it. As such, the glass releases from the digitizer/LCD unevenly, shattering the digitizer/LCD. It almost seems like it would be better to put the whole phone in a warming oven to soften the adhesive evenly. Mine phone is already destroyed thanks, in part, to these instructions. Anyone else want to give it a try?

    bgauch - Antwoord

    How can you blame the instructions on your incompatantcy you can clearly see the pictures of this "mechanically inclined" fellow disassembling his phone. He had nothing to do with you #<:(>,g yours up. (Check symbols on samsung galaxy keyboard to disifer).

    chris linton -

    I am a repair tech for phone repair shop, so I've repaired a ton of phones. Getting this glass to come up with the lcd was nearly impossible. The adhesive between the glass and the LCD is released much easier than the adhesive behind the LCD. Therefore, the LCD breaks about 99% of the time. I was extremely cautious and patient, and the lcd still cracked from being pulled on by the glass. Long story short, bgauch, you're not wrong about this.

    Andrew -

    You have obviously never tried this. If you had, or seen it done IRL then you'd know how hard it can be.

    What you don't see in the video is how many phones were destroyed in training the tech and while shooting to get the finished product.

    I'm an IT pro, Android developer, and fix all kinds of phones. Sign in my workshop.


    (if you manage to talk me into it, and I fry it, U SHOULDA READ THE SIGN.

    I'm not a factory trained tech. The only screens I'll do are ones not. bonded to the LCD. If you can successfully separate these, my hats off to you.

    Rather than criticize, do it, then come back

    Steven Peterson -

    Okay, I want to know who here was successful? I'm pretty mechanically inclined and I'm tempted to try it. I would think those of you cracking the screen just are not getting the adhesive warm enough! You've got to get it so it releases completely, that's why he keeps saying don't pry further if ANY resistance is felt. Any being the key word

    Snowdogkh - Antwoord

    I like to hear any success stories? I'm tempted to try it. I'm pretty mechanically inclined and those of you breaking your screens my guess is you're not getting the adhesive warm enough. That's why he is stressing do not pry if you feel ANY resistance. Key word being any

    Snowdogkh - Antwoord

    I did it!

    I carefully lift the edges and then cutting off the middle part of the adhesive with a tooth floss. It went very nice.

    It is true that the phone still is not usable because it has fallen to the sea and is full of salt. I wanted to check if it makes sense to restore it but is too dirty.

    Good luck, Matej

    matej hocevar - Antwoord

  3. Verspreid de kerstsfeer
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    • Use the pick to pry the display by sliding the pick in the direction shown.

    • Make sure you pry the display around the edge of the phone. At the bottom of the screen there is a thin metallic strip that connects the display to the motherboard, and it can be easily damaged.

    • If any resistance is encountered, stop prying and reapply heat to continue prying.

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    • Use the pick to pry the sides and lower part of the display by sliding the pick through the phone.

    • If any resistance is encountered, stop prying and reapply heat to continue prying.

    Resistance is futile, i also do cellular repairs and this active series by samsung make me very very hesitant to even attempt the repairs.

    Tom - Antwoord

    • Using the guitar pick, lift the screen slightly.

    • You can remove the home button if desired.

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    • Slightly lift, but do not remove, the upper end of display assembly.

    • Do not remove the front panel entirely. It is still attached by a connector.

    • If you are reusing the home button flex cable, be careful not to sever the cable from the home button. Adhesive can cause the cable to rip apart from the home button. While the home button will still work, the fingerprint scanner will not.

    The Samsung Galaxy s 5 active does not have a finger print scanner

    Sommer botsch - Antwoord

    Nope thats the galaxy s 5 reg ,which should got instead same thing but less money

    keithnichols -

    How can I even trust this when the Galaxy Active doesn't have a fingerprint scanner? %#*@... Sigh

    Jeremiah l Harvey - Antwoord

    • Use the sharp tip of a guitar pick to lift the front panel assembly cable connector straight up off its socket on the motherboard.

    • Safely remove the front panel assembly from phone.

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    • Use a Phillips 0 screwdriver to remove all 11 Phillips #0 screws.

    • Make sure you don't lose them as they are small.

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    • Push upward from the back side your phone (where the battery should go) to pop out the large gray piece.

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    • You should now have two different pieces. To continue we will only use the piece with the motherboard (Shown on the right side of the picture).

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    • Use your finger or a plastic opening tool to disconnect the front-facing camera from the motherboard.

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    • Use tweezers to gently pull the front-camera out.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This is obviously not the front facing camera which is taken out in the end.

Those are the sensors. The camera is still in the upper right corner.

Same goes for the motherboard guide. Front camera is never disconnect nor taken out, this is an issue.

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