This guide will help you remove the safety latch for the container lid.

  1. Twist the plastic lid counterclockwise to unlock it.
    • Twist the plastic lid counterclockwise to unlock it.

    • Lift the lid to remove it from the container.

  2. Carefully remove the blade from the container.
    • Carefully remove the blade from the container.

    • For reassembly, the teeth on the metal shaft line up with slots on the inside of the plastic hole.

    • With your hand, twist the container counter-clockwise until it unlocks from the base. Remove the container by lifting it straight up.

    • Use your fingers to pry out the two rubber feet from the bottom cover of the base.

    • The two feet furthest from the button tower contain screws. The other two feet do not.

    • Use the Phillips #2 screwdriver to unscrew the two 12.7-mm screws underneath the rubber feet.

    • Use the same screwdriver to unscrew the 15.88-mm screw from the back of the chopper.

    • Firmly lift the bottom cover off of the base.

    • Remove the smaller white gear by lifting it up with your hand.

    • Use a pair of pliers or any other clamping tool to securely hold the blade-shaft that sits above the base.

    • Grab the gear with your other hand and turn CLOCKWISE. Unlike most screws, the gear is reverse-threaded to allow the blade to spin.

    • Continue turning the gear until completely removed from the blade-shaft.

    • Use your hand to firmly pull the blade-shaft from the base.

    • Using Phillips #2 screwdriver, unscrew two 12.7-mm screws in the middle of the base.

    • Unwind power cord from the base pegs.

    • Use the plastic opening tool to pry open the base from the main body.

    • These two plastic prongs are pressed fit into the base. It may take some effort to pry the base completely off.

    • Once freed, lift the base panel from the main body and set it aside.

    • Use a Phillips #2 screwdriver to remove the three 9.53-mm screws from inside the main body.

    • Next, turn the device upright and lift the upper casing from around the button gently.

    • Remove the button by simply pulling it up.

    • Don't lose the spring under the button! Without it, the blender will not function.

    • Use the Phillips #2 screwdriver to remove one 9.53-mm screw.

    • Remove the white latch by unhooking it from the spring wire and gently lifting straight up.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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