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Replacing graphics card in pc

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    • Power off the PC, and disconnect the power cable from the tower.

    • Open the side panel on the PC.

    • Some panels have clips that are easy to unlatch, and others have screws that need loosening. Only the panel that gives access to the components needs removing.

    • Remove the screw(s) holding the graphics card into the slot.

    • Unclip and remove any power cables connected to the GPU.

    • Release the PCI-e slot tabs that hold the GPU in place.

    • You may have to unlock it to release the card.

    • Place the card in the slot, and press down gently until it locks into place.

    • Ensure it’s fitted into the slot correctly and that both sides sit flush. When it’s locked in correctly, the tab on the slot should hold it in place.

    • Secure the new GPU to the slot with the screw(s) that was removed earlier.

    • Reconnect the power cables to the graphics card and power supply.

    • Startup the PC.

    • When the PC starts up for the first time after installing a new graphics card, it will search for the drivers.

    • It’s always worth using the latest drivers to ensure the best functionality and compatibility with the latest games.

    • Once the new GPU is working, it’s advisable to remove any redundant drivers and software used for the old graphics card.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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