Sometimes the cable starts peeling just at that place where it meets the AC Adapter. I've met too many people that throw away their chargers because of this. It takes time and patience but repair is possible!

  1. Nasty cut.
    • Nasty cut.

  2. Unplug your AC power cord.
    • Unplug your AC power cord.

    • Look at the line that goes though the charger. This is all glued with some super adhesive that prevents you from just taking it apart.

    • You will have to cut through that plastic, go all the way around following that small space with your knife.

    • This will take a while, you have to cut the plastic from all the 4 sides. You will notice when you have cut through most of it.

    • Be careful with the side shown in the last picture. There are a couple of components that might be cut in the process.

    • With a flat headed screwdriver start separating both plastic faces from the charger. You need to use a little force to do this.

    • Once you have separated all sides with the screw driver, it still wont come off. This thing is glued to all sides of the plastic.

    • Insert the screwdriver into the top part of the charger and carefully separate the foil from the plastic enclosure. Be careful as to not rip off the foil from the inner part of the charger.

    • In this step I already took off one face of the plastic enclosure.

    • Use the screwdriver to loosen up the adhesive on both sides of the power connector.

    • Insert the screwdriver on the remaining face of the plastic enclosure and carefully loosen up the rest of the adhesive.

    • You should end up with this block. Put away the plastic enclosure.

    • Grab the small plastic piece that attaches the cables to the AC charger.

    • Cut the cables as near as you can to the plastic piece.

    • Peel the plastic off the cable with a knife or a wire stripper.

    • Take the cable that connects to your mac book and carefully peel it off with a knife or a wire stripper.

    • Untangle the outer wire to reveal the white cable inside.

    • Twirl up nicely the outer wire and peel a small bit of the white cable to join the to the AC charger.

    • Join both white cable wires and solder them together.

    • Remember that the white wire from the AC adapter NEEDS to be soldered to the white wire from the cable that comes from the MacBook connector.

    • The black insulated cover tube on the cable is to isolate the cable later, you can use heat to shrink it.

    • The last pic shows the black insulated cover tube, you can cut it up to fit the length you need.

    • It is very important to isolate both wires, they cannot touch each other or else they will short circuit (in other words: Kaboom!).

    • Proceed to solder the black cable from the AC charger to the outer wire of your Macbook connector.

    • Isolate that wire. You don't need to cover up the whole extension of the outer wire, just enough so that it won't touch the white cable or the circuit board of the AC adapter.

    • You can use the black rubber tube or electrical tape. If you use the black tube try to keep it as far away as possible when soldering to prevent it from shrinking before you cover the wire.

    • Cover up with electrical tape the rest the white and black/outer cable you just soldered.

    • Join them together with electrical tape as to form one cable and place the AC charger in one of the faces of the plastic enclosure.

    • White electrical tape makes this fix look nicer.

    • Take 3 small zip ties and tie them around the cable to stop it from being pulled out of the plastic enclosure.

    • Put small bits of super glue on the borders of the enclosures. Place the other face of the plastic enclosure and close up the AC charger.

    • Don't forget the plastic tabs that let you wrap your cable on the charger... Even though those are the main cause for your cable tearing up! I usually choose to leave them out or glue them to the enclosure to prevent the cable breaking again.

    • Tie 4 large zip ties to close up the enclosure, 2 on each side.

    • Some people prefer to use only super glue because it looks nicer but zip ties make it safer. If you like it better without the zip ties, take them out after a few hours after the super glue has bonded completely.

    • Use a glue gun to close up the gap that remains.

    • Don't use too much, just enough so that there is no opening from the outside.


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Angela Penaherrera

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Some tips:

* There is a better way to open the enclosure without damaging the edge: using a pliers to push the two sides apart where the bunny ears lift up (google for videos).

* The cable can actually be threaded through the rubber/plastic grommet if you have the patience to remove the broken cable from it and make the two small holes bigger with a drill bit. This can be frustrating but is the only way to keep the original appearance. Be sure to leave enough cable after the grommet for soldering.

* Thin (2-3mm) heat shrink is a good way to insulate the exposed wire after threading it through the grommet.

* If you trust your soldering skills, consider de-soldering the old cables from the terminals.

* Applying a little super glue along the edge and clamping for a few hours is all that is needed to keep it closed permanently.

don - Antwoord

Thanks for the tips! If you have pictures of the processes please feel free to modify this guide (especially the opening of the enclosure!) ^__^

* I have seen that in some tutorials and I wanted to to drill a hole through the rubber plastic grommet but didn't have a drill at my office =(

* I did consider de-soldering the old cables but that involved de-soldering other components that are attached to copper plates to get to those terminals. In earlier versions of the AC Adapter this can be done with not so much trouble.

I really appreciate your feedback! Thanks!

Angela Penaherrera -

I didn't try that... We actually ended up just heating it to soften the plastic and that worked, wouldn't advise it though

deavisdude -

Same for me, don: see this as a much easier way to open the case:

Would be nice if you refer to this solution as alternative, befor starting to cut the case.

Thanks for the manual, I just fixed it!

Lukas -

Is it possible to remove the cord entirely from the circuit board and solder new replacement? I have ordered a replacement and I wonder if its safe to do so? Thank you for your prompt response!

Shawn - Antwoord


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