A missing or broken pull on a zipper can make life difficult when you try to open and close your Patagonia jacket. This guide will show you a quick-fix method you can use in the field or as an interim solution until you can replace your slider. Don't have a zipper pull? A loop of very thin cord or string will not only work, but make MacGuyver proud.

For replacement parts or further assistance, contact Patagonia Customer Service.


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  1. Grab your zipper pull.
    • Grab your zipper pull.

    • Thread the cord of the zipper pull through the hole on the slider where the pull used to be.

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  2. Make a loop with the cord that has passed through the hole.
    • Make a loop with the cord that has passed through the hole.

    • Feed the rubber end through the loop.

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    • Pull the rubber part through the loop, then pull it tight.

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