The function of a XLR cable is to carry a balanced audio signal. It connects in the bottom of the microphone to the XLR microphone connector.

  1. Make sure you have a proper three pin XLR cable.
    • Make sure you have a proper three pin XLR cable.

    • Grab the female end of the cable (plug with three holes).

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  2. Line up the pins in the end of the microphone (microphone connecter) with the holes in the XLR cable.
    • Line up the pins in the end of the microphone (microphone connecter) with the holes in the XLR cable.

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    • Once the pins are aligned, push the cable into the bottom end of the microphone. You should hear a click.

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To disconnect the cable from the microphone, follow the instructions in reverse.

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When disconnecting the cable - press the little latch (pointing towards you in the last picture) to release and then pull the cable out.

harrywwc - Antwoord

Is this April's fool? XD

s6963172 - Antwoord

how i repair the PG48 the XLR conector moves in and out when the cable ar plugged. The conector male in the microphone have an screw but that one not works...

What am i do?

If you have an idea to the answer or any tip to resolve this trouble feel fre to tweet me.

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Santiago Morales - Antwoord

I know a few people who would see this and still screw it up.

jimboc - Antwoord

do it in reverse? you have to press the button though on the male end...

Michael Fox - Antwoord

Will this work with an Audio-Technica ATM-410, or just the Shure?

cbrislain - Antwoord

Just Shure. On Audio-Technica you have to rotate the plug six times clockwise and whisper a few nice words into it before plugging it in. I've always found that lullabies work quite well.

staale -

I have a 1/4 adapter on my Shure, is that process different? I can't seem to make the male 1/4" connect to the female XLR


Push harder.

staale -

Some of us are musicians , so we appreciate the help

tomandlindafirme - Antwoord

When do you hear the sound from it?

Charlie Green - Antwoord

Bloomin' eck.... & I've been using cellotape, Blu Tak and super glue. No wonder I had to revert to the megaphone all the time

george sandoz - Antwoord

I don't know about you lando77 but I always blow on the female end (the cable end with the holes) to blow dry any moisture out. What good does it do to blow on the male pins?

darryltrimm - Antwoord

Do these instructions work for the ElectroVoice EV 635A as well?

carterjim - Antwoord

This is useless. Why didn't you post a video that shows the process.

mperloe - Antwoord

Wow!!! Thank you so much! This is really great information. Now I won't have to hire people to come do this for me anymore. Can you post a video of how to put the microphone on a stand?

dhoffman98 - Antwoord

Thanks for posting this, I recently ran out of toilet tissue and have been using my Shure SM58 Owner's Manual. You're a lifesaver!

hemightbefluffy - Antwoord

He's holding the plug with his right hand. But what if I'm left handed. Do I need to rotate it? Or should I switch what side I'm standing on?

Bob DeMaa - Antwoord

Managed it on 5th attempt , now what the heck do I do with the other end of the cable ???

gary blair - Antwoord

are these instructions specifically for drummers or can anybody use them?

Cedric the Dead - Antwoord

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