This guide takes you through replacing the battery on the PlayStation Vita.

Power off and remove the memory card.
  • Power off and remove the memory card.

  • Using a Phillips #00 screwdriver, remove the four 6.4mm screws on the back casing.

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Using your fingernail or a spudger, pry open the accessory port cover on the top of the device.
  • Using your fingernail or a spudger, pry open the accessory port cover on the top of the device.

  • Using a Phillips #00 screwdriver, remove the two 5.4mm screws hidden beneath the accessory port cover.

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  • Remove the two 5.4mm Phillips #00 screws on the bottom of the device near the charging port.

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  • Beginning at the sides of the device, use a plastic opening tool to separate the front and rear cases.

  • Continue working your way around the device gently prying it open.

  • There are still wires holding the front and rear cases together. You may damage the connections if you yank the cases completely apart.

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  • Gently separate the two cases, minding the battery and the touch screen controller connectors holding the two cases together.

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  • Using a spudger, free the touch screen controller flex cable by gently prying up the connection.

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  • Free the battery cable by gently prying up on the connection with a spudger.

Any idea what type of pcb header is on the board for the battery? I have a motherboard with a broken header but I cant source a replacement

Jimbo Jones - Antwoord

This is where I screwed up so I recommend extra caution for other newbies. Only the black part is supposed to come off. Don't be an idiot like me and pry off too much...

ylimakiminna - Antwoord

Yea I messed up there too. Is there a way to fix it?

Alethia Henry - Antwoord

  • Separate the front and rear cases.

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  • With the help of a spudger, gently pry off and remove the battery cable retainer on the back casing assembly.

    • The easiest access to the battery cable retainer is where the battery cable comes out.

    • You can also use the two small tabs on the side of the cable retainer. Locate the tabs and release one at a time. Be a little careful not to push the cover in and re-lock it.

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  • Using a Phillips #00 screwdriver, remove the two 5.0mm blue battery case screws.

  • Remove the plastic battery retaining bar.

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  • Using your finger or a spudger, lift the battery out and remove it.

  • Guide the battery wires through the hole in the back casing as you remove the battery.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Great guide. Only problem is this takes very steady hands (something i do not have)

chavis0704 - Antwoord

This is a great guide. It allowed me to execute the repair and do so without and damage. Just be careful with the triggers they can move and get caught while closing everything up.

Amon Bouchereau - Antwoord

how do i know what persent my battery is at

jewon - Antwoord

Jewon today we have a hack for psvita 3.60 version ONLY !! this allow u download a VPK file that says how much persent your battery is at

brunosapo -

With your Vita connected to your PC and the Content manager application running, on windows right click on the vita and then properties and the battery percentage will show up.

Matthew Michand -

Great guide. Thanks for writing it!

Reiaze - Antwoord

weeelll I think I have a broken Vita now. Make sure you're not an idiot like me who doesn't know which parts to pull in which direction when trying to free the battery cable.

ylimakiminna - Antwoord

Well. Didn't take out the memory card after removing battery Aaannndddd now the vita says its not in there.

Emmanuel Brown - Antwoord

I had the same issue do you think you just need a new memory card? I'm hoping that's all it is even though they aren't cheap it's cheaper than a whole mother vita...

klarson79 -

I had the same issue Emmanuel I just need a new card then right?

klarson79 - Antwoord

Thank you! My son's PS Vita alive again :)

Юрий Иванов - Antwoord

My PS vita phat is only displaying PlayStation. Logo then shutdown I can't even go through the recovery mode.. Tried most charging method... I tried removing my battery and putting it to a different PS vita unit and it worked fine... Is my battery faulty?

demetrio dario - Antwoord

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