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  1. PlayStation 4 Vervanging van de stroomvoorziening, Draai de PS4 om: stap 1, afbeelding 1 van 1
    • Draai de PS4 om, zodat deze met de onderkant/achterkant naar boven wijst.

  2. PlayStation 4 Vervanging van de stroomvoorziening, Verwijder de garantiestickers: stap 2, afbeelding 1 van 3 PlayStation 4 Vervanging van de stroomvoorziening, Verwijder de garantiestickers: stap 2, afbeelding 2 van 3 PlayStation 4 Vervanging van de stroomvoorziening, Verwijder de garantiestickers: stap 2, afbeelding 3 van 3
    • Gebruik een pincet om de twee stickers in het midden van de achterkant van de PS4 te verwijderen. Achter de stickers zul je twee schroeven vinden die de behuizing bevestigen.

  3. PlayStation 4 Vervanging van de stroomvoorziening, Verwijder de plastic schroefcovers: stap 3, afbeelding 1 van 2 PlayStation 4 Vervanging van de stroomvoorziening, Verwijder de plastic schroefcovers: stap 3, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • Gebruik een pincet om de plastic schroefcovers in iedere hoek op voorzichtige wijze te verwijderen. Dit zal nog twee schroeven blootleggen.

    What If my PS4 doesn't have the two screws on the side

    Michael Jimenez - Antwoord

    I should imagine that plastic cover will come off?

    How did you go?

    Cary B -

  4. PlayStation 4 Vervanging van de stroomvoorziening, Verwijder de schroeven uit de achterste behuizing: stap 4, afbeelding 1 van 2 PlayStation 4 Vervanging van de stroomvoorziening, Verwijder de schroeven uit de achterste behuizing: stap 4, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • Verwijder de vier 7.2 mm lange Torx-veiligheidsschroeven aan de achterkant van de PS4.

    I only have two screws, those in the middle of the console.

    Oscar Martinez - Antwoord

    Have you removed the plastic covers mentioned in the previous step? That will expose the other two screws.

    Sam Omiotek -

    same, here. there are only the middle screws, no covers or screws on the sides. and it sits pretty tight

    Johannes Müller - Antwoord

    turns out 12XX models are different. Look at this for reference:

    Johannes Müller - Antwoord

    Yes there is slight variations between the first models, and the second gen and on models. I have an original and only has the two screws in the middle, removal of the cover remains the same.

    Mary Westphal - Antwoord

  5. PlayStation 4 Vervanging van de stroomvoorziening, Verwijder de onderste behuizing: stap 5, afbeelding 1 van 2 PlayStation 4 Vervanging van de stroomvoorziening, Verwijder de onderste behuizing: stap 5, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • Gebruik je duimen om de onderste behuizing omhoog en van de PS4 weg te tillen.

    • De onderste behuizing wordt op z'n plek gehouden door plastic klemmen. Je zult dus aanzienlijke kracht uit moeten oefenen om de onderste behuizing los te krijgen.

    sur la version 2 de l ps4 fat il n'y a que les 2 vis du milieu. Comment défaire le boîtier ?

    nlvolle - Antwoord

  6. PlayStation 4 Vervanging van de stroomvoorziening: stap 6, afbeelding 1 van 2 PlayStation 4 Vervanging van de stroomvoorziening: stap 6, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • Gebruik een pincet om de stroomvoorzieningskabel uit het toestel te trekken en de stroomvoorzieningsunit van het moederbord los te koppelen .

    • Gebruik een spudger om de connector los te halen wanneer het voelt alsof deze klem zit.

    This part looks dangerous. There should be a flag/warning not to destroy that cable yes?

    Shawn - Antwoord

    I second Shawn's comment. That cable seems to be very fragile, and one of the wires snapped on mine while removing the cable. It wouldn't have bothered me so much, if it wasn't a pain to find a replacement for it.

    Matt Gaia - Antwoord

    The tweezers used here, do not cut it. Not enough grip.

    I had to use a set of needle nose pliers to remove this.

    Cary B - Antwoord

    Power supply connection stuck. I don't want to damage it

    Nick Alex - Antwoord

    What you need to do here is be patient. Do not pull the wires. Get some fine nosed pliers, wiggle the white connector from left to right in small movements and edge it out slowly. You can also use your nails one finger at each edge of the white connector to do this.

    David Harkness - Antwoord

    Its really hard but i managed it with both of the tweezers/pincers at the same time

    1. Keep in mind to pull not too hard on the wires and make step 2 and 3 simultaneously!

    2. the straigt and wider tweezer to pull the white connector itself
    (top and bottom grip)
    3. the small and angled tweezer to pull the wires carefully
    (as shown on the picture above)

    dinkelberg01 - Antwoord

    Another option, is to remove the screws holding it down, leave the cable in place and lift it out carefully, revealing the other end of the connection. The hidden side of the connection wire is easier to get a handle on.

    Mary Westphal - Antwoord

  7. PlayStation 4 Vervanging van de stroomvoorziening, Verwijder de stroomvoorziening: stap 7, afbeelding 1 van 2 PlayStation 4 Vervanging van de stroomvoorziening, Verwijder de stroomvoorziening: stap 7, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • Verwijder de drie 9.7 mm lange Torx Security-schroeven.

    • Verwijder de twee 41 mm lange Phillips-schroeven inclusief beugels.

  8. PlayStation 4 Vervanging van de stroomvoorziening: stap 8, afbeelding 1 van 3 PlayStation 4 Vervanging van de stroomvoorziening: stap 8, afbeelding 2 van 3 PlayStation 4 Vervanging van de stroomvoorziening: stap 8, afbeelding 3 van 3
    • Til de stroomvoorziening in een rechte beweging omhoog en uit de PS4.

    • De stroomvoorziening wordt stevig op z'n plek gehouden door een soort vorken die zich aan de linkerzijde bevinden. Het kan meerdere pogingen kosten om de stroomvoorziening te verwijderen.

    • Zorg dat je de vorken, bij het weer in elkaar zetten van je toestel, goed hebt gepositioneerd alvorens je de stroomvoorziening op de juiste plek terugplaatst.

    How do you remove the battery wires? I’ve personally been wiggling it to no effect, is there a certain way i have to pull it out, and should i pull it out of the power supply or the console?

    Tubby - Antwoord


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Gonna do this tomorrow, I'm just hoping this is what's wrong with it.

A few months ago something popped in the system and I smelt a burning scent.

Diamond - Antwoord

Bro,did it work for you?

I have same problem

EL cablemo -

I have same thing.

Erik Ferguson -

Just be careful when pulling up power supply on the left side facing you when Ps4 is upside-down.

jerrylaird3000 - Antwoord

Just received my tools and power supply for my ps4 and I replaced it just like the guidelines said but nothing happens but the same issues. Heard a beep, blue light came on, heard a click then back off again. Please tell me I didn't just wasted $70?

rahmanglaspy - Antwoord

And have you resolve your problem ?

Frederic Morelli -

Any solution please helphaving sameissue and was considering getting a new powersupply aswell

derran dunn -

flipping your ps4 upside down and apply weight directly ontop of the powerbrick may be a quick fix to your power problem

Jess Price - Antwoord

Thats what i did and it fixed the problem. Ty mate for sharing your knowledge.

Petteri Moilanen -

I tried this trick and it worked for a few minutes but then it cut back off and won’t cut on again! tried the move again and it didn’t work twice. does this mean the power supply is weak or dead? should I buy another?

chike_moody -

Thank you for the 411 , on the ps4

I did the flip over on my dinning room table left it upside down 5 minutes. It came right on , my six year old nephew can conquer fortnite once again. Signed tech service aunty paulina. Thank you mr price .

pavlenatsig -

After unplugging the power supply, do i put the new power supply right back in or wait

ahmed31425 - Antwoord

Thank you very much, guide was amazing I was able to be up and running with my PS4 in about 10-15 minutes!

lucasrave7189 - Antwoord

Does anybody know where I can buy a replacement power supply for the Cuh-1215A model?

Danny Yosh - Antwoord

hey im from new zealand and i was hoping if you could tell me what my problem on my ps4...... the day before my ps4 was working fine but then the next day i just couldn't on it anymore ...... then realize that i saw a cockroach in it and i took it out ....... i think it mess the power supply up but i was just wondering if it is the power supply or not .... before i buy a new power supply

shawnpuafolau - Antwoord

For starters, just open it up and check all the cables. Normally cockroaches don't eat electronics but if you see any damage you might not need to look further.

Roald Delvaux -

Thank you for these tutorials! Tell me please, do these advices appropriate for all types of power supplies? The fact is that i have this model and all efforts to replace it ware failed! Tell me please, what it can be the trouble! I will be very thankful for yr recommendations!

Scott Waschlerner - Antwoord

will the 200 ar work instead of the 200 er?

alex madrigal - Antwoord

Ordered a power supply for my ps4 and it did not fix my issue so I'm thinking I got sent a defective part

Andre Burnette - Antwoord

Why not pull the plug from the power supply instead of the motherboard? I ask because my power supply didn't come with a cable. should it have?

Andre Brown - Antwoord

Mines had a 4 wire plug and I accidentally cut two of them- what should I do to fix it or does it have to be replaced??

Carmen Tulia Troxler - Antwoord

where i'm going to buy the power supply??

ciuordiss - Antwoord

Really didn't expect it to work. I had a power surge that took out my apple time capsule as well as the PS4. Saw so many posts that suggested it might be something else other than the PSU. I had a blue light for half a second then nothing. Sometimes it wouldn't even give me that. However after replacing the PSU and following the instructions on the iFixit youtube video. I had the whole thing switched and working in about 5 minutes. Thanks so much!

Luke Currie - Antwoord

So I tried to turn on my ps4 and heard the usually beep but almost at the same time I heard an electric popping sound. Would that be the power supply that needs fixing..?

Walter Jones - Antwoord

Please i cant remove my powersupply from the ps4 it looks like it is attached to something on the mother board but i disconected the wires

okmk2000 - Antwoord

I have a model 1116-b I dont think the models on this page will work ?

I found the model I need on Amazon.

when I plug in the power cable it makes a noise and dont turn on, I think ,its the power supply problem I need to solve

ken kenn - Antwoord

This worked perfectly for me!

Jackson J T B - Antwoord

One of my long screws isn't going back in . Well is going in but if I try tightening it up it just spins for ever . Should this be a problem if I leave it out

andyb36091 - Antwoord

Hey I have the new model of the ps4 it don't have 4 screws so what should I do than?

keenan parker - Antwoord

Why does my PS4 only have 2 screws....

Elijah - Antwoord

I'm getting a PS4 from someone but I might just send it into Sony so they can see what is wrong with it I don't know what else to do with it right now

Cody green - Antwoord

Had a power issue and opened up the ps4 as shown. Everything looked ok, found a dead bug on the inside. Could be the reason for the Fan to go haywire. I put it back together and ran it and it ran fine for about 10min. The fan went haywire again, then the ps4 switched off. It powers on but USB ports don't work as well as the HDMI port. At a loss at the moment... going to have a burial for the PS4 tomorrow.

RyuDSwift - Antwoord

The T9 screwdriver doesn't unscrew one of the screws inside the console. The one on the top left corner to be exact

Gilbert “Gil-B” Onuzuruike - Antwoord

use tweezers to unsecrew

John Connor -

thanks for the guide, very useful.

John Connor - Antwoord

I removed my power supply after I heard a pop sound and my PS4 shut off. It was only turning on the blue light for a second and beeped then back off so I figured it was the problem. However, when I put new one back in, I didn't notice that the metal clips had bent. So it did the same as before. Thought it didn't work. But then we aligned those metals and put the new power source back and it worked. Just throwing out there. Just in case someone does the same as I did.

Saga - Antwoord

Send me details to purchase power supply. .. urgent!

Ryan Lam - Antwoord

i have the old model 1006A and in need of a power supply replacement, which model should I buy in order to change the broken one? ADP-240AR?

Aiman Azhar - Antwoord

Just pulled.out the old one, trying to figure out the 4 pin 5 pin power supply to order mine was for 10 from the motherboard but 5 Pin into the power supply

Tony Harris - Antwoord

This isn't directly related to the power supply replacement. I am travelling in a campervan/motorhome and have a 12V supply. I have a 12V TV and everything else but my PS4 is going to need an inverter to step up to 240V AC then the PS4 power supply step it down to XV DC. Does anyone know the internal DV voltage of the output of the PS4 power supply and whether I could remove that entirely and power directly from the existing 12V in my van? Thanks in advance.

Oliver Ashford - Antwoord

Are capacitors in the power supply? this is what has gone on my ps4. turns on for 3 seconds then turns off. Any ideas if cold be fixed by power supply?

Samuel - Antwoord

There are to possibilities. 1. You can fix it with replacing the power supply 2. There is a damage on your logic board but this is very uncommon.

Thomas Pathe -

thank you very much.

freddybowles - Antwoord

On step 5 what are those metal bending things attached to the Philips screws called? and can I buy replacements because one of mine snapped off, and its making me nervous to play my ps4 like that, are the bending things meant to due anything important.?

Frank - Antwoord

Got the blinking blue light, got it diagnosed, said it needed a new power supply. Bought new power supply from the link above, replaced the power supply, still nothing but a blinking blue light. Any ideas as to what to check next? It won't even come in in safe mode. Doesn't register that the controller is plugged in. It was dropped initially. That is what starts the problem. Any tips help. Very discouraged.

Joel Hurlbert - Antwoord

This might help you to determine if the problem comes from the psu or from the mainboard.

Stefan Wyssen -

Do you know if it's possible to replace a 220V Power Supply to a 110V (or bi-volt) one?

rosorrentino - Antwoord

It says you only need a tr9 but the guide says you need tr9 and the tr8 will I get away with only using the tr9?

Craig - Antwoord

What power supply fits for ps4 CUH1216b? Are instructions the same also for this model?

alessandro - Antwoord

Where do I need to look to find what power supply I need for my PS4?

Tanner Higgins - Antwoord

Where do I need to look to find out which power supply do I need?

Tanner Higgins - Antwoord

My power supply does not come out at the left side where the pin is connected and I'm afraid I'll break it if I pull it out too hard

Hamza Ali - Antwoord

My Ps4 wouldnt power on at all. No light. No beep. Will not take a disc nor reckonize my controller. Bought a 4 pin powersupply replacement for it and after replacing the p.s. there is no change. Still totally dead. Which of the 4 pins is the 5 volt supply for the power switch? And any other tips are welcome. Ty

kevin ashley - Antwoord

APU probably needs reflowing.

Kara Meyers -

How to take the power supply itself apart

Arthur Castillo - Antwoord

Hi I was wondering if you could help . Basically a few days ago I was playing on my PS4 and the power cut out . When the power came on I plugged the PS4 out of the wall however it wasn’t on . Once I plugged it back into the wall later , my PS4 wouldn’t turn on . When I press the button to eject the disk , it makes the regular beep noise but the disc doesn’t even come out . When I press the power button nothing happens either and the PS4 won’t turn on , please could you help .

Ralph Haddad - Antwoord

Hi i have had my first gen since they first came out it has out lasted 3 pros now the power bank has failed me any suggestions where to buy 1

kfkimmonkey3 - Antwoord

What tools do I need to open the power supply please I need help

Isaiah Carrell - Antwoord

Like what the name of the tools I need to take out so I can buy it I need to take out power supply

Isaiah Carrell - Antwoord

For the people having trouble getting the PSU out, be careful, on the lower left corner there's two long power "posts" so DON'T bend the power supply, just wiggling it directly up bit by bit, have patience and don’t force it. (They can be seen on step 7)

Julian Rivas - Antwoord

hello, wondering if anyone has repaired the powersupply before and knows where schematics are, or can advise where I find out part codes for the two transformers and the inductor. T1, T2 and L3 were damaged when the previous owner rage quit. Thanks guys

Keith Moon - Antwoord

I was getting the single when the ps4 turns on then back off right after from the research it said the it will be the power supply so I got it and replace the it and it still continues to do the same thing any suggestions

Ramon - Antwoord

How do i test my power supply with a multimeter


Not gonna lie just kicked my ps4 out of frustration from arguing with family. Now I need to try figure out the problem the blue light turned on when trying to switch the console off but then instantly turned off. Now blue light won't show wilst attempting to turn on unless if pull the power cable in and out.

Andrew Muirhead - Antwoord

When trying to switch console on not off***

Andrew Muirhead -

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