How to disassemble and change the Laser Unit.

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Turn off the console and disconnect all cables.
  • Turn off the console and disconnect all cables.

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You must remove the warranty sticker and 4 screws.
  • You must remove the warranty sticker and 4 screws.

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  • After removing HDD bay cover, you will see another 3 screw.

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  • Push there to release and remove upper back bezel.

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  • The upper front bezel is harder to remove.

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  • Remove 7 screws to release top cover.

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  • Disconnect two flex-cables and move the Laser Unit. Remove the two screws and the small cable and then take out the Power Supply Unit.

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  • To release the laser unit disconnect this flex-cable.

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  • One flex-cable, for rubbers and the metal bezel.

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  • Disconnect this flex-cable and attach it to the new spare part. Let's start assembling.

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  • Assembling, assembling...

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Very good job, kudos!

Kevin Borras - Antwoord

I have found that there are to types of lasers do you sell the second one that does not have the black screws on top but are silver. I have found the one with the silver screws has a smaller laser flex cable and plug. its for the cech-43xx

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