Installing a new microphone may be necessary if those receiving calls from you are unable to hear you. Installation should only be done as a last resort, after trying all other possible solutions as listed in the Nokia 8290 Troubleshooting Guide. Installation requires no prior knowledge of mobile phone microphones.


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  1. Locate the small button on the top of the phone.
    • Locate the small button on the top of the phone.

    • Depress the button.

    • With your other hand, pull the front cover away from the phone.

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  2. Remove all six 5.3 mm long T6 screws.
    • Remove all six 5.3 mm long T6 screws.

    • Remove the circuit board/faceplate sub-assembly from the back of the phone.

    • Take care to place screws in a safe location.

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    • Using your fingers, pull the small plastic tab away from the circuit board/faceplate sub-assembly.

    • Rotate the faceplate away from the circuit board.

    • Gently remove the faceplate from the circuit board, taking care to not break the small plastic tab on the other side of the sub-assembly.

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    • Use the spudger to peel back the top-left corner of the white adhesive film. This can be done by working the spudger back and forth underneath the film.

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    • Continue to peel the film back until you can see the microphone.

    • Use tweezers to remove the microphone.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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