Battery having issues and need to be placed? This guide will take you through the steps necessary to have a new battery in your Nintendo 3DS XL in no time!

Loosen the two 4.2 mm-length screws located at the top of the back cover.
  • Loosen the two 4.2 mm-length screws located at the top of the back cover.

    • The screws have locking washers that prevent the screws from falling off of the back cover. Leave these locking washers on the screws; it is not necessary to remove the washers for this repair guide.

Note: If your top or bottom screen was working before disassembly and doesn't work after reassembly, then it's likely that the connector is loose or dirty or damaged or not clipped or PLACED UPSIDE-DOWN. I had this issue with my Super3DS XL(2015) and it turns out that the reason why my top screen wasn't working after put together, was because I had the top LCD connector upside-down. After I correctly put the connector in, It worked again!

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what type screwdriver do i use?!? its so small!!!!

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Hold the device so that the cover is facing up.
  • Hold the device so that the cover is facing up.

  • Using a plastic opening tool, pry off the cover starting at the top right corner.

    • Hold the edge of the cover to ensure it does not reattach.

    • Look for the small section below the stylus compartment. Pry off the cover at that point if it is still attached.

  • Take off the cover of the device and set aside.

Note that on the lower side (opposite to the hinges), there are small hooking tabs. These require you to lift the top (screw side) off towards you, then the lower area.

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  • Insert the plastic opening tool into the opening located on the right side of the battery.

  • Pry off the battery from the lower casing.

  • Lift the battery out of the case and set aside.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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More like 30-90 seconds, and that's if you have to search for a screwdriver.

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