This guide helps you replace the LCD screen. Please note that the LCD screen and the glass screen are two separate parts.

  1. Locate the battery compartment on the bottom of the camera directly below the mode dial.
    • Locate the battery compartment on the bottom of the camera directly below the mode dial.

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  2. Find the marked arrow on the battery compartment door and firmly push following the arrow's direction to release the latch.
    • Find the marked arrow on the battery compartment door and firmly push following the arrow's direction to release the latch.

    I don't think its wise to install a battery when your going to be removing the control board as this could cause a short circuit and the board and or the battery could burn up, you should remove the battery prior to working on the internal parts of the camra

    starstrip411 - Antwoord

    I quite agree, I once had the misfortune to get a severe electric shock from the gubbins of a digital camera.

    It is best too remove battery and wait for capacitors to discharge.

    Peter Smith - Antwoord

    It would be advisable for this guide to be redone

    Peter Smith - Antwoord

    • Release the latch and allow it to completely open.

    • Insert the battery by following the diagram on the inside of the compartment door.

    • Close the compartment door and firmly press on the latch until you hear a clicking sound.

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    • Turn the camera so the bottom faces you.

    • Locate and remove the 6 screws using a Phillips #00 screwdriver.

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    • Locate the rubber grip directly below the shutter-release button.

    • Lift the rubber grip using a plastic opening tool to locate and remove the two screws underneath using a Phillips screwdriver #00.

    I'd greatly appreciate if there was pictures to see how to lift it

    cole arkon - Antwoord

    • Locate and remove the 4 screws above the LCD screen, around the eyepiece. Use a razor to carefully peel the sticker off the +/- wheel to reveal the screw beneath.

    And I'd greatly appreciate if there was pictures to see how to lift the sticker

    cole arkon - Antwoord

    • Locate the connector cover left of the LCD screen.

    • Unlatch the connector cover to reveal two screws.

    • Remove screws.

    Antes del siguiente paso, hay que levantar la goma en forma de triángulo en la parte superior dereche de la pantalla para retirar el tornillo que está debajo.

    Antonio Mejías - Antwoord

    Hello, you've forgot a very tiny screw, under the fake leather band, just under the mode dial, at the back side of the body. Otherwise, your explainations for the repair of the LCD screen is really good....

    pascalgorsic - Antwoord

    • Remove the rubber connector cover.

    • Gently pull the back portion of the camera, one hand gripping the body and the other gripping the LCD screen.

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    • Lay the back cover, LCD side down.

    • Locate and remove the 9 screws around the silver protector plate.

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    • Using a pair of tweezers, gently lift and remove the silver protector cover.

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    • Lift the yellow connector.

    • Flip the white clasp using a plastic opening tool, and pull out the tab.

    Be very very careful, the white, even the plastic opening tool is very very fragile.

    pascalgorsic - Antwoord

    • Lift the yellow sheet to reveal the LCD screen.

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    • Remove LCD screen.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Now do it without breaking the camera

Seriously. Dont do a how to if you broke the item you were trying to fix and didn't say anything.

He missed two screws. One is behind the rubber triangle on the back and one is behind sticker on the dial by the view finder.

Leroy Brown - Antwoord

Agree with guy above....misses out two vital screws...the one behind the triangle and the one behind the sticker...good another tip. If you are using a 00 screwdriver there is a danger of stripping the head. So apply pressure through the screwdriver to the head of the screw and turn the camera..... not the screwdriver. You can apply more torque through rotating the camera than through rotating the screwdriver handle whilst maintaining load. BUT BE GENTLE AND SENSIBLE. Next do not over tighten when you put it back together....

drdr - Antwoord

i find when backing the screws out, it is important to make the point of the screwdriver perfectly aligned vertically to the screw. as that will keep all the driver ribs fully in contact with the screw slots. and once the screw is a half turn out i turn it back in a touch to release the plastic that has wound itself onto the screw threads (during initial assembly at factory). once that is done they seem to unscrew much easier. the wrong size driver is the reason most screw heads get stripped (its not the threads that strip!) the screw is metal and the body is a plastic and carbon fiber composite material. some screws are driven too hard into the material and seem to "fuse" as if there was some Locktite or other thread sealant applied. any harsh attempt to pry, twist or lever these cameras apart is due to 'hidden screws' that are concealed behind, under and out of plain view. even those in plain sight may be concealed under wires, flex connectors or simple kapton tape strips.

Happy Fixer - Antwoord

My D3200 has two chips at the corners, but camera works fine, after looking at this I am wondering if I should just leave well alone…. I just bought another Nikon camera, and I just ordered the screen protector after learning my lesson to not let my grandson takes it down.

E Fiedtkou - Antwoord

Any suggestion anyone?

E Fiedtkou - Antwoord

This guide has a major flaw, you take battery out before you work on it.

Peter Smith - Antwoord

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