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Remove back cover, SIM card, and SD card (if applicable)
  • Remove back cover, SIM card, and SD card (if applicable)

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Remove back frame. Be sure to remember where the screws go; they are different sizes
  • Remove back frame. Be sure to remember where the screws go; they are different sizes

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  • Release LCD screen connector.

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  • Remove the screen.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I was able to order the frame and digitizer as a unit which greatly helped in the repair for a cracked screen. Much easier to fix than iPhones with a cracked screen. It took me less than 30 minutes.

ajayme44 - Antwoord

Can you please link me to any videos to repair the XT1063 Moto G 2nd gen screen? I already ordered the lcd assembly and frame so the repair is easier. But I just can't find any step by step guides.

Scott S -

Do I have to buy the frame with the digitizer? And where do I find it in white?

Marion Gilsdorf - Antwoord

A couple problems and how I solved them: I had no heat gun and I live in Canada so I couldn't order it, and I was too lazy to go out and buy one at Canadian tire. Instead I used a hairdryer, and I put a tea-towel over the back to slow the air down over the coils and get it a bit hotter... still not hot enough, I had to forcefully rip the screen off, and ended up denting the frame (it didn't matter though, my screen was broken all to !&&* anyway). Because I had torn the screen off too cold, the screen pulled all the adhesive off and didn't leave any on the phone. I put three dots of crazy glue; one for each corner except where the front camera is. The next problem was that I took out all the screws and put them in the same bowl and then realized they were different sizes. I counted the different sizes of screws and looked very closely at the holes, and realized that the big ones go across the top and bottom, and the little ones go down the sides. Fix is doable but not ideal. Probably easier with a heat gun :)

bleepbloopimarobot - Antwoord

Does the XT1072 have the same screen as the other models (XT1068 XT1063 XT1064) ? I can't find reliable information about this anywhere, but eBay only has XT106x model screens currently.

L S - Antwoord

My tuch screen is working i want to only replce upper lcd disply of my moto g 2 gen what will it cost and from whrer can i buy plzzzz reply

vikas rana - Antwoord

Hey! Just wondering-- if it just looks like the glass is broken, do I still need to buy and replace the digitizer/screen behind? can I just heat up and remove the old broken glass, and keep the display, which seems fine?

mr.steveday - Antwoord

You could but that would be way too much hassle, It’s much easier to just replace both the screen and the digitizer.

DJ Lindsley -

Hey, I followed this guide to replace my phone's screen with the screen from another phone I had laying around. The LCD works fine but the touch screen is not working after replacing everything. Can someone help me?

Pablo Napster - Antwoord

My Motorola Moto has a little cracked in the top left corner is there something I can put 2 prevent it from cracking anymore . F. Rodriguez

Frances rodriguez - Antwoord

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