A guide to accessing the RoadMate's display.


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  1. Remove 4 rubber caps covering each screw by inserting the screwdriver into the side of cap and prying back and forth.
    • Remove 4 rubber caps covering each screw by inserting the screwdriver into the side of cap and prying back and forth.

    • Please note: this is a tedious process, but be patient.

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  2. Remove the 4 screws holding the cover in place using a Philips #00 screwdriver.
    • Remove the 4 screws holding the cover in place using a Philips #00 screwdriver.

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    • Open the back cover.

    • Lift the cover slowly and carefully; the speaker is screwed on the back cover and is connected to the circuit board.

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    • Disconnect the speaker from the terminal.

    • When reassembling, make sure that you plug the terminal in the same way. The black wire should be on the side farthest from the battery.

    In my 1200, the speaker is glued to the back and soldered into the board so there is no plug to undo. Just carefully find a position so that board doesn't pull on the speaker wire while it is open.

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    where can we get the speakers from? please

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    • Unscrew the 2 screws on either side of the board.

    For me, there were two screws, just located at the corners. One was near where the speaker is soldered to the board and the other was diagonally across the board where the GPS unit is soldered into the board.

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    • Lift the circuit board up and disconnect the GPS connector.

    My GPS unit, as mentioned, is soldered into the board, so no conector to remove. The GPS unit lifted right out with the board and was not attached to the display at all.

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    • Peel back the tape securing the display connector to the logic board.

    My Roadmate 1200 had no tape holding the ribbon cable. Instead, on the board is a thin stripe of black plastic which is the connector for the cable. You can catch your finger nail under the edge of the black plastic strip closest to where the ribbon enters the board. Gently lever it up and it pivots up and out of the way as it releases the ribbon cable. The cable then easily slide out. When you align and slide in the new cable, just gently push the strip back down and it will snap into place. Practice aligning the cable a few times with the old one, snapping it in place, before installing the new.

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    • Remove the display connector from the device.

    • Do not pull on the cable because you may damage it. Instead, try to pull as closely as you can to the plug.

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    • Carefully flip the circuit board out so you can get to the sensor easily.

    • Remove the tape holding the sensor to the display and take out the sensor.

    As mentioned before, this step didi not apply to my GPS.

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    • Undo the 4 clasps holding the display in place.

    • Pop the display from the front cover.

    Again my GPS was a little different. There were only 3 plastic clips holding the display. One was in the middle of the edge across from the ribbon cable and there was one on each side of the cable. the display was easily removed by simultaneously holdind the single clip back and gently pushing on the display from outside the case.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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In order to remove the rubber plugs hiding the 4 screws, I found that a straight pin angled into the top of the plug can be used to lift them easily straight out and the plug is unharmed.

With the screws out, the back did not budge. I used the thinest blade screw driver in my jeweler's set to pry the case open and pushed on the plastic catches, one on each side that were holding it closed. They are visible in the photo of the back off.

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