This guide will show how to replace the Whammy Bar. The whammy bar controls a feature in the game that increases the points while playing.


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  1. Remove batteries
    • Remove batteries

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  2. Remove void warranty sticker
    • Remove void warranty sticker

      • The sticker is covering a torx screw

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    • Unscrew the 11 screws securing the back of the body using a T10 Torx screwdriver. Each screw is 1 cm long.

    • Push level, this will detach the back of the guitar from the front.

    • Carefully remove the back of the body

      • The battery pack cord is attached to both sides of the guitar, be careful not to tear it apart.

      • The neck connector may be stuck to the back so be sure to detach it before fully pulling

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    • Carefully remove whammy bar from its slot, it should slide out easily.

    • Make sure the wires are not cut or damaged or it may need replacement.

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    • Once taken out, the parts can come apart easily by pulling on the sides.

    • The whammy bar should split into multiple parts.

    • If any part is broken, then it will need to be replaced.

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    • Remove the two screws with a philips head screwdriver. Each screw is 0.8 cm.

    • Slide the other plastic pieces off the metal piece so all pieces are separate. Each piece will be given a number and color to make repair easier.

    • Whammy Bar

    • Plastic piece 1

    • Plastic piece 2

    • Plastic piece 3 and 4

    • Plastic piece 5

    • Metal piece

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    • Place plastic piece 3 and 4 in the whammy bar slot for them, and have them overlap.

    • The pointed edges should be facing each other.

    • Then use the tweezers or your hands to connect the spring from plastic piece 3 to 4.

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    • Connect metal piece to plastic piece 5 and make sure the metal prongs fit into the holes for them.

    • Next slide plastic piece 2 on the metal piece and make sure the three stubs are on the upper half.

    • Then, make sure the metal piece holes and the plastic piece holes match up and screw them in place with the Philips head screw driver.

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    • Connect each piece to the whammy bar.

    • The metal piece will connect on the side with plastic pieces 3 and 4. Plastic piece 1 will be on the other side.

    • Make sure each part slides in place correctly.

    • Finally, slide the whammy bar back into place.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Took me half an hour to find a working guide after messing up my whammy bar after taking the guitar apart. Thank you so much for this I was so lost

Kevin Duggan - Antwoord

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