If your tablet does not start properly or freezing...

If your tablet is stuck on Lenovo logo or...

If you have "Too many patterns attempts"...

If you forgot you password and can't log in with your google account...

If you want to erase data from the device...

Annotation!!! You will lose all your data!!!

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  1. First of all you can try soft reset from the reset switch. This method does not delete the data from the tablet.
    • First of all you can try soft reset from the reset switch. This method does not delete the data from the tablet.

    how do you do a software reset?

    Z'Marion Perkins - Antwoord

  2. Now - hardware reset:
    • Now - hardware reset:

    • Switch off the tablet.

    • Press and hold at the same time Volume UP and Power keys.

    • When the System Recovery screen appears use the Volume Up/Down keys for navigation and the Power On key for OK.

    • Choose "wipe data / factory reset", "Yes -- delete all user data", "reboot system now".

    I need to download the file to reset in computer

    Khan MD Rehan - Antwoord

    How long it takes to reboot and In my tablet I clicked on reboot system now and a Lenovo logo was come and go off I don't know what was happening. I was waiting for 1 hours now tell me what would I need to do

    nitiksothiya5589 - Antwoord

    with me my tablet started to vibrate and then stopped after 5 minutes

    Fatibbs - Antwoord

    After hard reset its shows unfortunately key chain Has stopped and setting helper stopped again and again..

    Santhosh - Antwoord

    My system recovery screen goes off just as soon as I take my fingers off the two buttons, up and volume

    Martha Sigmon - Antwoord

    On my Lenovo tablet, my screen to reboot will not stay on for me to do a hard

    Martha Sigmon - Antwoord

  3. please will it keep long on the first step... when u press the volume up and power keys

    Belinda Daoussra - Antwoord

    That didn't work with my tablet

    After rebooting it asked for the language

    I entered English united states

    Then it shows just a sec and keeps on loading

    Albert jphn - Antwoord


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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If device is connected to charger that button combination doesn't work. It goes to hardware test menu.

Pekka Lounatvuori - Antwoord

How to reser chinese language lenova phone

With Chinese phones, you do not need to use other options, and there is no confirmation. The wipe simply starts, and completes by wiping your phone. Read more -

Rumal Roma - Antwoord

My lenovo a 1000 idea tab's display is bottom in to reset or fix it

ashiquehossain15 - Antwoord

my lenovo s850 is on meta mode when i press vol down + power button and nothing appear when i press vol up + power button.. the thing is i've tried many button sequence but i just cat get into reset mode or cynogen mode.. :(

wooblegooble92 - Antwoord

My lenovo tab isnt working until it went to some sort of menu using volume buttons but then i actually pressed something and it went to a screen saying "Now send the package you want to apply to the device using adb sideload <filename>" how do i go back to the reboot menu

Albert Einstein - Antwoord

i also tried same but i have not gotten any solution to mine too. what next please. i am missing my tab already

Afolabi Jonathan -

I'm getting information no SD card

ivan - Antwoord

sana gumana sa akin........

arielsatera - Antwoord

my lenovo tab 2 a7-30hc also has the problem. I did the same as what the video showed but it's still stuck on the lenovo logo. before the whole thing happened, my tablet was lagging so i thought about fixing it by uninstalling some apps until i pressed 'force stop' on an app. the battery got drained and the tab shut down. when i recharged it and attempted to turn it on, it was stuck on the logo. i waited for several minutes but its still the same. after that, i researched about how to fix it and i found this. I did it with my tab but nothing changed. it's still stuck. what should i do? the tab's not really mine. i just borrowed it from my father. if he finds out about what happened with his tablet, he might not talk to me for some time.. please answer me.

Razmia Lampak - Antwoord

How do I make my Lenovo tab pick up my wifi it's stopped and won't authenticate the password please help

Tracy - Antwoord

Please can someone help me my Lenovo won't authenticate my wifi password all of my other devices work fine it is the a7600 f

Tracy - Antwoord

My Lenovo tab shows encryption error and shows reset option,while the option isn't working..I tried for hard reset..that won't work too..and finally I tried to download new software..the tab isn't accepting it.


chaitanyajune29 - Antwoord

I reset my lenovo to factory reset then it asks for email that was previously sync to device. I type in email and password and it then goes back to asking me for email that was synced previously to device. And round and round it goes. How can i make tis work again.

Robyn Tomlinson - Antwoord

Were you ever able to get it to login? Mine is doing the same thing

Brenda Carnell -

How long it takes to reboot and In my tablet I clicked on reboot system now and a Lenovo logo was come and go off I don't know what was happening. I was waiting for 1 hours now tell me what would I need to do

nitiksothiya5589 - Antwoord

I am having the same sign in problem as Robyn with my Lenovo tablet

terri marble - Antwoord

Wich Chinese words do i push

mushieluv2 - Antwoord

my lenovo tab is showing nothing on the screen after factory reset

aditya rana - Antwoord

Did that now will kot go past lenovo screen saver?

asimon1926 - Antwoord

Done and I put in the wright email address and password then it keeps taking back there again keep going around in circles can you please help?

Paul - Antwoord

For anyone who may be having trouble with this fix please know that the volume up button is the button you use to select each line. So instead of hitting the power button when you have "wipe data/factory reset" highlighted press the volume up key to select and follow from there. Hope that change to the directions helps some of you.

irishemo13 - Antwoord

I used recovery mode to factory reset my tablet. After rebooting it asked for the language and I entered English united states then it shows just a sec

And keeps on loading

Albert jphn - Antwoord

Can any one pl reply to my question above

Albert jphn - Antwoord

loly of God so many

Sans the Killer bro - Antwoord

What should I do to my lenovo IdeatabA1000, always hang up if I watch YouTube and loading even I check my fb account. I can't download because its always say storage running out.. No games only fb,YouTube,messenger has been downloaded.. Pls. Help me

Mary Elly - Antwoord

After factory reset it says to go to the keyboard setting push the three dots and select update well mine doesn't have that option what do I do

Raylene - Antwoord

On my Lenovo tablet when I push the up and volume button at the same time, the page with the hard reset info won't stay on long enough for me to do a

Martha Sigmon - Antwoord

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