Use this guide to replace the WIFI/GPS antenna

  1. Look at the back of the tablet and locate the speakers on top of the rear cover.
    • Look at the back of the tablet and locate the speakers on top of the rear cover.

    • There is a smaller indentation in the plastic cover that runs across the top of the device.

    • Wedge the plastic opening tool, under the middle of the cover as shown, then push up and the cover will pop off.

    I just want to find out if my sd card is stuck inside how do I remove it without damaging the tablet.

    Tom Mukotora - Antwoord

  2. Remove SD card if present.
    • Remove SD card if present.

    • Remove the following two screws:

      • M3.0 x 3.0 mm #00 phillips screws (black)

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    • Pry open cover using a plastic opening tool.

      • Leave plastic opening tool in place to maintain the separation.

      • It may take a little force to separate from the front face of the device

    • Slide the plastic opening tool to one corner.

      • Place another plastic opening tool into the gap and slide it to the opposite corner.

    • Pull the rear cover up and back to separate it from front face of the device.

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    • Disconnect battery power connector by pinching the connector with tweezers, and sliding it out of the housing.

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    • Remove the following seven screws:

      • M3.0 x 3.0 mm #00 phillips screws (black).

    • The top right corner screw is underneath a yellow ribbon. Lift the ribbon up without disconnecting it and unscrew the screw.

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    • Now you can take the battery out in order to either replace it or continue disassembling the device.

    Fantastic advice. After being told by Lenovo I needed to shell out £110 for a new mobo when it just had a charging socket issue I took it upon myself to see if I could fix it. This website helped take it apart and I found that the charging socket is just a micro daughter-board.

    If you have a problem with charging then go to and search for Lenovo A2109A. They have all the parts.

    I replaced the daughter board and battery for about £10 incl del. Parts arrived yesterday and I have fitted. Works a treat. Not sure what amazes me the most, the low cost of the parts and excellent service by replacebase or the fact Lenovo tried to rip me off.

    These instructions are spot on.

    Well done


    Andy Blunn - Antwoord

    • Remove the following five screws:

      • Two M 3.0 x 3.0 mm #00 phillips screws (black)

      • Three M 5.3 x 1.75 mm #00 phillips screws (silver)

    You can skip step 8 and step 10, leave these connectors in place (just remove the speaker connector in step 9) lift board enough to remove I/O board and leave most connectors in place.

    green1eng - Antwoord

    • There are four connections that you must disconnect in order to remove the system board

    • Use tweezers to flip up the small black plastic locks on all four connections

      • Carefully remove each of the exposed ribbons

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    • Disconnect the two speaker connectors by pinching them with tweezers and sliding them out from the system board housing.

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    • Use tweezers or your finger nail to disconnect the camera attachment by flipping up the black rectangular connector.

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    • Disconnect the HDMI connection with the system board

      • Use a plastic opening tool to pry up the system board, and you will hear a pop as it comes free

    • Slide out the system board from its housing tab on the upper right corner

    • Pull the board slowly away from the tab, and it will pop out.

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    • Once the System board has been removed you can access the WIFI/GPS antenna.

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    • Insert the blue prying tool at the corner of the antenna. Pry up slowly, and move it across the antenna.

    • There is an adhesive holding the antenna in place, so it may take a little bit of force and movement to take off the antenna.

    • The antenna falls out easily once fully pryed out.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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