Use this guide to replace your LG-P970 touch screen.

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  1. remove the back cover
    • remove the back cover

    • remove the battery

    • remove the SIM card

    • remove the µSD card (Memory)

  2. remove 7 screws on the back
    • remove 7 screws on the back

    • with a tool start to open the back frame

    • and it's now easy to remove the back frame with hand, carefully

    • remove buttons

    • locate the back camera

    • with a tool raise up the led.carefully

    • with a tool disconnect the back camera

    • and remove the camera with your fingers.

    • don't forget to remove the little connector of screen, with a tool, right next to the empty slot of the camera.

    • It's time to remove carefully the tactile screen.

    • don't scratch le LCD!!!

    • the touch panel is glued with double-sided tape. You can remove it with your fingers. carefull with the touch screen connector.

    • cut new double sided tape (1-2mm width), put it on the are and peel it.

    • remove the inside protection on the new touch screen.

    • carefully put the news touch screen on the LG. Take care that the connector goes right through the right hole.

    • to finish, add all part by reading these instructions in reverse ;-)

    • and try if it work !


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hi. To take the screws out do I need a phillips? Thanks.

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