The very modular LG G Pad is almost a perfect device to repair, but falls short as the display is not easy to replace. The tablet therefor earns an 8 out of 10 on the repairability scale.

  1. Front and back reference photos.
    • Front and back reference photos.

  2. Plastic clips keep the back case on. The clips aren't too stiff and the internal components are unlikely to be damaged during prying.
    • Plastic clips keep the back case on. The clips aren't too stiff and the internal components are unlikely to be damaged during prying.

    • Interior view.

    • The USB interconnect cable covers the battery and must be disconnected at one end before the battery can be removed. The lack of bracket and adhesive on the cable make this simple.

    • Once the battery is disconnected (and interconnect cable moved), the battery can be pried up with a plastic card.

    • Just two strips of mild adhesive secure the battery.

    • First layer of components out includes: spring contact connected headphone jack, rear-facing camera, speaker, USB interconnect cable bracket.

      • The rear-camera is adhered in a plastic frame(which isn't removable before the motherboard) and requires some careful force to remove.

      • Spring-contact connected headphone jack makes for inexpensive repairs of a high-wear component.

    • The next component removed is the USB interconnect cable. The charging port is a high-wear component, and a simple, easily replaced part means a cheap easy repair.

    • The motherboard is simply clipped into the display assembly.

      • The board is fairly bare, but holds the switches, which makes bad buttons an expensive repair.

    • The final component removed from the display assembly is the front-facing camera.

    • The fused, midframe-mounted display assembly is last out, making for a more expensive and time consuming repair.

    • The LG G Pad 7.0 earns an 8 out of 10 on our repairability scale (10 is the easiest to repair):

      • Very modular design allows independent replacement of several wear-prone components—like the headphone jack and speakers.

      • Only very mild adhesive holds the battery in place, making it fairly easy to safely remove and replace.

      • There are only 10 screws in the entire device, all standard Phillips #00 (no proprietary or security sizes).

      • Display assembly is a single fused component, that requires disassembling the entire phone to replace.

      • Manufacturer does not provide user-accessible repair documentation.


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