This guide will assist you in unclogging your water dispensing hose. To get to the hose you are going to need a #1 Philips screw driver.


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  1. Lift up the handle of the Keurig Mini.
    • Lift up the handle of the Keurig Mini.

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  2. Make sure to avoid the needles above and inside the K-cup because may puncture your hand
    • Make sure to avoid the needles above and inside the K-cup because may puncture your hand

    • Firmly place a finger on each one of the three tabs that hold the K-cup holder into place, pushing in lightly. The tabs are difficult to see, but they are there and will make the removal easier. The top tab is located in the same location as the white triangle and the bottom two are located under the plastic bumps highlighted in the picture.

    You may want to show a picture of the needles to show what exactly to avoid even though it might be blatantly obvious.

    Creed Borden - Antwoord

    You should write "They" between "inside the K-cup because" and "may puncture your hand"

    Creed Borden - Antwoord

    I did the needle up the 2 pin hole trick and it's working now!

    hooyame2002 - Antwoord

    What is a needle up the 2 pin hole trick?

    Gina -

    • Firmly rock the K-cup holder from side to side, loosening the K-cup holder from its seat.

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    • Pull the K-cup holder straight out.

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    • Open the top lid of the Keurig.

    • Pull directly outwards on one of the arms that holds the top lid in place. It will take some force to get the arm off the peg. Once one side is off, repeat the process on the second arm.

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    • Lay the Keurig on its back with the water reservoir pointing away from you.

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    • Avoid the top needle as it may puncture your hand.

    • Unscrew the two 9mm #1 Philips screws that hold the top plastic cover in place.

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    • Set the Keurig in an upright position with the front side facing you.

    • Pull the cover off the top of the Keurig. It should come off easily with little force.

    Not coming off easily. Pull toward front a little helps.

    Henry Huang - Antwoord

    There are two plastic latching tabs that hold down the back of this cover, about 5/8 inch in from either side. It should be possible to locate them by probing along the back parting line with a thin-blade screwdriver and release them by pressing forward. Or apply excessive force like I did and break them off.

    Lytle Johnson - Antwoord

    • Firmly grasp the hose and pull it off of the plastic nozzle.

    Before pulling, you can see if this portion of the tube is clogged. If clogged at the other end, you may be wasting time going further. See comments at the last step.

    Henry Huang - Antwoord

    Our unit's hose end was secured with a plastic zip tie that had to be cut off. When replacing the hose, a new zip tie was required.

    M A - Antwoord

    • Unscrew the two 9 mm #1 Philips screws at the top of the device.

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    • Push down lightly on the nozzle that the hose was attached to. The plastic housing along with the needle should pop off without much force.

    Make sure to clean out the needle carefully at this point, paper clip is good from the hose attachment nub rather challenging the sharp nèdle end

    Tim Tiegs - Antwoord

    Handle needs to be in upright position, then it pops out without force.

    Christina Slack - Antwoord

    • With the needle removed, open the device by pulling up on the handle.

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    • Push in on one of the arms attached to the K-cup holder plastic housing to remove it from its rails. The arms are identical for both sides so once one side is free repeat the process for the second side.

      • The plastic is flexible and will not snap with the force applied.

    • Once the arms are removed, the configuration should look like the picture. The K-cup holder housing should be separated from the arms.

    My Keurig has white, nylon half-grommets to reduce wear, where the post of each arm slides in its slot. Take care that they do not fall down into the machine and that you do not lose them.

    wheelersthree - Antwoord

    That just happened,( lost the grommet), I can hear it but can't get it out from inside the machine. I put everything back together and it is working. One note: may I suggest removing just the k-cup holder then removing the two screws for the top. you can then access the upper part of the hose. after that I used a long tie wrap (pipe cleaner would have been better, (I had given my tobacco pipes and cleaning equipment away last week.) Also I ran a bread tie down the top connection for the hose and into the needle. That is where I found the last of my clog. So now all I need is to find that little plastic piece and it will be perfect but it is working without it

    sandpat76 -

    Getting this part put back together is near impossible. White pieces keep falling off & don't seem to line up correctly with plastic arms. Over 1 hour to get to this point. Frustrating.

    Christina Lemmey - Antwoord

    Don't take it apart at this point! Move on to the next step, then it is super easy to remove this front part in the same way but from the bottom pegs, if you want to clean all the small spaces covered in coffee dust and

    Christina Slack - Antwoord

    Yes, the arm will break. Apparently after struggling with it for about an hour, it weakened the plastic enough to snap off the left arm of the cup holder. The machine now works, though! I’ll just have to be mindful when I use it. Looking back, I wish I had tried just cleaning out the needle first. Might have saved me significant frustration with the reassembly of this step.

    Kimberly Meyer - Antwoord

    I think you need to tell people that the arms with the white roller will break off after all the struggling the left side broke off Thank for the worthless info. Ron Nelson

    Ron , Lynn Nelson - Antwoord

    • Use a Phillips #1 screw driver to remove the four 12 mm screws that hold the arm assembly in place.

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    • Lift up the arm and pull up the handle assembly. It should easily come off.

    • This white tab falls off easily, remove it and set it aside to ensure it is not lost.

    The first picture is a little on the dark side, but I could still tell what you're trying to say in the picture. Maybe make it a little brighter?

    Rubia Siddiqi - Antwoord

    The second picture in this step shows the white plastic 'slide guide thinger', it is however upside down. During reassembly make sure to have it the other way so that the handle assembly will stay up when installing a k cup. If not the handle will fall everytime you let it go making for a frustrating coffee going experience especially if your not a morning person. :)

    foxyauto - Antwoord

    If your clog is in the other end of the hose, you are out of luck. I had only used my machine about 6 times before it wouldn't dispense. I disassembled the contraption, and stuck a pipe cleaner down the hose. There is no clog. Keurig is sending me a $50 coupon to apply toward a new machine.

    Jill Kozak - Antwoord

    • Lift up the arm of the Keurig Mini to get it out of the way.

    • Hold the water tube at its base while pinching it tightly.

    • While maintaining pressure on the tube, slide your fingers along until the tip to push out any material clogging the hose.

    • Repeat this process until all obstructions are removed.

    What if the clog is at the other end of the hose?

    wheelersthree - Antwoord

    See above for my fix with the syringe with boiling water.

    Kimthetoollady - Antwoord

    To kimthetoollady. Where can I find your "above" fix?

    Henry Huang - Antwoord

    I too used a small medicine syringe of CLR cleaner and pushed it into the hose slowly

    Tim Tiegs - Antwoord

    Our tube had visible grounds clogs deep into the tube. So took our house vacuum hose and cupped my hand around it and the tube. Clogs instantly sucked into the vaccum - even pulled a few drops of water from the tank. Took no time, no boiling water and did not have to take out the needle to do. Will work with shop-vac hose as well.

    M A - Antwoord

    This worked for me. Thanks! My needle was clogged this time. However, to unclog the hose I pour some vinegar in with the water and run that through the machine about 6 times. Now I just do it once a month, or depending on how much I use it like routine maintenance!

    Erin - Antwoord


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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To clear the hose I needn't have gone beyond step 9. Once the hose is detached one can run a pipe cleaner down it. I was amazed how many coffee grounds were stuck way up there where there shouldn't be any!

A tip would be to use a magnetized screwdriver: I was worried that the screws would fall into the workings of the machine.

For the final step of reattaching the lid, having a second person would help or perhaps holding it between your knees might help - trying to apply pressure to the screws also made the arms/compartment want to collapse/ close so that was a bit of a challenge.

Very informative instructions and I now have a Keurig that works again!! :)

Linda Alphan - Antwoord

Thumbs up on the magnetized screwdriver tip

M A -

While you have your brewer this far apart it would be wise to take a small wire or even a sewing needle and run it down the slightly squared, open side of both of the Keurig needles. You'll be surprised at how grounds have gotten in there and slowed the flow of output liquid, mine flows like a new one again.

mhb2661 - Antwoord

Your comment saved me a lot of hassle. I didn't even have to go to step 2. I just threaded a small wire through the hole, and it went from completely blocked to like new. Thanks for the wire threading idea. I didn't have to take apart anything!

Grateful -

I have never been able to follow an instruction manual in my life but I'm feeling pretty good right now. Not only did I fix my Kuerig but I managed to get all the pieces back where they were supposed to be. Thanks for the great directions!

bahamajane2002 - Antwoord

OMG, it worked!!!! Thanks iFixit I always come to this site to DIY techie fixes.

soliva - Antwoord

I was able to clear the hose using just canned air!! I just pointed the little red straw into one of the holes in the Keurig needle, closed off the other holes in the needle with my thumb and first finger, gave it a blast and BAM, the water was flowing again. Maybe my clog was in the needle, but I think that's unlikely because I had already cleaned it out throughly with a sewing pin. I know the seal with my fingers wasn't great, but apparently it was good enough to push the air all the way through the tube because I could hear it bubbling up in the water reservoir. It's worth a try before you take your machine apart!

Alison - Antwoord

I am with wheelers3. You directions were good, but the OTHER end is where the clog is. I can't blow air through it, pipe cleaners were not long enough. How do I get the water reservoir off? Please advise. Your directions were good & easy to follow, just stopped one step too soon. TIA. Kim

kim - Antwoord

I found this step by step album, it's excellent work! My complements and thanks to the owner. hope it helps you

fwashicosky01 -

Our tube had visible grounds clogs deep into the tube. So took our house vacuum hose and cupped my hand around it and the tube. Clogs instantly sucked into the vaccum - even pulled a few drops of water from the tank. Took no time, no boiling water and did not have to take out the needle to do. Will work with shop-vac hose as well.

M A -

Worked like a charm. Thanks

Rozz Hopkins - Antwoord

Thank you you helped me so much...XOXO

wendibirdie1969 - Antwoord

This worked great as a guide to disassembling the keurig wheather your clog is in the needle or the hose. Its nice too know whats involved in something before you go tearing into it. My clog was deep in the hose and i was without pipe cleaners so i used my faucet on low to run water thru the hose backwardss and also blew thru it. I then dumped out the water by turning the whole thing upside down and repeated until all of the debris came out. One thing to note during assembly is the direction of the white plastic piece that acts as a slide guide that the author made reference to when noting that it fallls out easily. I used the photo he posted as directional reference and found that if assembled in this way the handle assembly will not lock in the upright position when installing a new kcup. btw does anyone have any good tips for preventing debris from entering the system in the first place

foxyauto - Antwoord

Our debris was 100% coffee grounds, so grounds must back up into the pipe because of back pressure during the brewing process. Then if those grounds sit in the tube and in the needle for a while, they harden up. Two tips then: 1. immediately remove used K-cup after brewing so the needle is not sitting in the K-cup's pile of cooling, hardening grounds, 2. "brew" a cup of hot water, no K-cup, every second or third cup to clear the tube/needle with no back pressure and 3) paper clip the needle regularly so its channels stay open and reduce back pressure. Brew on!

M A -

After trying all of this, fighting like a dog to take it apart from the bottom to no avail because I figured that was where my clog was, I decided to try something outside the box. I felt that there was goop inside the bottom part of my white hose. I took a syringe and injected boiling water down the white tube. A turkey baster would work too! I pushed in boiling water until it spewed back at me. I let it sit for a few minutes, tipped the whole contraption upside down to drain the water out and then repeated my hot water syringe again. Tipped the water out as best I could, but its okay if water is still in the tube. I then went through the normal process of making a cup of coffee, less the K-cup, and let it run through and viola! it worked! I've run it a few times to make sure it is running through. I have now poured vinegar into the system and letting it set to clear out any other sediments, and will run it through a few more times. I'm happy I was able to fix this!

Kimthetoollady - Antwoord

Okay so I cleaned out the hose and put it back together but now when I try to brew, the "Brew" button won't highlight. It's stuck between telling me to add water and to add a Kcup. Please tell me I'm not the only one who had this problem. And how to fix it. I must have done something wrong because the previous commenters seem like they had no problems!

kalliopec - Antwoord

You're not the only one. Our button would not even light. So tried to disassemble from the bottom to get to the switch. A nightmare, so gave up, reassembled assuming I would have to go to step 17 - order new unit. Well, it "came back to life" after reassembly but on persnickety basis - the button has to be rolled around in just the right way! So because it was my mother-in-law's "must have" brewer, I went to step 17 anyway for her as Mother's Day gift and kept the precocious one to take to my office. It works but must be lovingly handled. All parallels to a successful marital strategy are purely coincidental - grin.

M A -

This helped so much, I used a syringe to pull through the tube. Although very happy that it's brewing again, cool water is trickling down to my cup as water is heating. What could be causing this?

lauragriffin76 - Antwoord

Your forgot step 17. If this doesn't work, go to Amazon and order another.

dstein1 - Antwoord

Classic - my thoughts as well!

michaeljmooney -

I skipped these steps and instead stuck a needle up into the big top "needle." Clean as a whistle now!

Savannah Lewis - Antwoord

YESSSS worked like a charm!! Excellent step by step guide-- the pictures were incredibly helpful. Thank you!!

Abby Fitzgibbon - Antwoord

Wow! Thanks for the superb advice!

masterpink08 - Antwoord

Thank you so much! I ended up just having to fill the tube with my faucet and then suck whatever was stuck in there out, since I didn't have pipe cleaners or anything. Maybe not the safest or most sanitary option but whatever was stuck came out!

Darbi Haley - Antwoord

Extremely helpful. Yay coffee again

Anita Vanvleck - Antwoord

You don't know how much I appreciate the step by step w pictures, thank you so much!!

bonitasenorita84 - Antwoord

Great instructions! I might recommend instructing users who think their hose is clogged to be sure it’s not the needle first (which can be cleared with a paperclip and minimal disassembling). These directions were spot on though, and reassembly wasn’t difficult!

Michelle Galo - Antwoord

Thank you ever so much. I was about the throw out the machine before I read your easy to follow steps to fix. I only needed to go to step 9 to unclog the hose and I am back to using my machine. 5 stars to you.

Karen Blanchette - Antwoord

Great advice and directions with photos! Thanks, it worked and yes you only have to get to the tubing by removing the lift handle decorative cover, then the screws to remove the cover where the actual tubing connects to cup below. Was easy to just pull off the tubing, fill the cup of water into the tank, open lift handle allowing water into the pump area, hit brew and have the tubing ready to shoot out quickly into a bucket or deep pitcher and all the grinds or scales will come out instantly. You can do a few more times to be sure. Worked like a charm! Put back on the tubing and put small tie strap back on if you prefer. Reattach the 2 small screws from the lift handle cover ( one that was hiding the tubing) put top decorative cover back on and wa-la! You are done! * Hint: If you think it needs descaled go ahead and do your vinegar cleanse at this time with the water in cup to completely clean out. TGonnsen 3/27/2018

Theresa Gonnsen - Antwoord

The instructions were good! I thought something was wrong with my keurig until I cam across these instructions. Keep up the good work!

Gemini Miller - Antwoord

I’m a sixty five year old women and I just took my keurig apart  and reassembled and now my machine works great. My only advice is to be sure to line up the parts and screws as you take it apart so it will take little thinking to put back together.

vickie - Antwoord

Thank you for the easy to follow step by step instructions!

Marcia Notkin - Antwoord

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