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My device wont turn on and not charging. The batteries appear and disappear all the time. I tried everything without any results. The problems seems to be the big consumption of battery at the startup. The battery work fine.

My solution was: i remove the back of my tablet, i disconect all the sockets and put the charger on it for 10 minutes. Then i connect just the socket near the middle of the tabket between battery and metalic protection, and wait. After few seconds the battery apear and the charger works. I wait about 5 minutes and after that i connect the rest of the sockets disconected. All of that was doing with the charger connected. After the battery was 100% i put on the back of my tablet and press the power button. It work ok without any problems. In the future never let the battery to reach at 5%. Godluck to all!!?

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    I have read there is a capacitor that will hold a charge once the battery reaches a lower charge of, I believe 8%. This somehow hangs the device’s ability to charge the battery.

    It was suggested that you allow the device to discharge as far as possible, then, simultaneously hold the center of the volume button and the Home key , twice without releasing either buttons in order to get that capacitor to completely discharge. This powers down the device and it is supposed to shut down, restart and shut down again

    It has been a while since I discovered that suggestion and I believe it worked for me at the time from YouTube!

    Good luck & Happy Computing!

    Diana - Antwoord

    I just want to confirm that this suggestion works! My tablet’s cable was broken, so the tablet was not charged for a very long time. When I finally bought a new cable and tried to charge it, I’d just briefly see the battery icon and then it would automatically turn off, only to turn on again for a few seconds, then the cycle would repeat. I dissassembled it (easier than you may think) and disconnected the backlight cable and the touchscreen/screen cable, leaving only the ribbon that comes from the charge cable. I measured with a multimeter from time to time and I was able to see the battery slowly charging until it reached 3.7v. Then I unplugged it, reconnected the two ribbon cables and restarted it using only the battery. Android finally booted for the first time in more than a year! I quickly plugged it back again and since then it has been charging with no issues.

    Leandro Tami - Antwoord


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I had the same problem with this tablet.

Original charger didn't work, battery symbol appeared and disappeared again and again.

I fixed it in a quite simple way without opening the device.

I remembered that I got a bad charger, very bad, so bad that a conected smartphone won't even work properly, as there is so much high frequency noise on the 5V-output. By means of this noise this very-very-bad charger put the needed extra-portion of energy into the battery, that the device was able to get behind this critical point at startup, that made it switch off before, and charging could be finished with a proper charger.

Problem: solved!

Reinhard Kaune - Antwoord

Are you saying replacing the charger fixed the issue for you? Or are you saying temporarily using a better charger to get the battery above 5% and then using any charger after that to finish the job fixed the issue?

gatchi -

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