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How to restore True Tone after screen replacement on iPhone XR



To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I have the iCopy, It copied the data of my lcd to an original lcd and I also did it to my battery. But my XR on ios 13.13 does not return trutone and the battery has the not original warning. And even if I put back the original battery, reboot and all, factory reset. Still has the warning and trutone does not return. Also I did update the iCopy firmware, before and after it did not work. Any ideas???

jimmylasvegas - Antwoord

Please I don’t have Icopy so how can I do it

Michael Kwateng - Antwoord


i know its been a long time since you asked, but i’ll try to help anyways.

It’s probably impossible to do it without. Maybe buy one (used from Ebay or so) or ask in the Comunity if somebody is gonna do that for you.

Best regards

Bruno -

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