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This guide requires microsoldering.


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    • To resolve the matter with not powering up or not charging iPhone SE smartphone, follow the steps mentioned in the tutorial.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This is a great tutorial thank you for uploading. My iphone SE has the issue’s mentioned above and a new charging port didn’t fix the problem so now I am going to attempt micro soldering.

I wanted to ask what is the bare minimum equipment I need for this specific project if on a budget? I’m not looking to make a business fixing phones so the stuff I buy will likely be just for this project..I’m okay spending more man hours dude to an inconvenience of using cheap less deficient tools.

Just wanted to know what the bare minimum of tools are I would need and if you have any recommendations on cost saving ? :)

I appreciate your time.

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What exactly would you like to fix?

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