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  1. How to force restart the OnePlus Nord, How to force restart the OnePlus Nord: stap 1, afbeelding 1 van 1
    • Simultaneously push and hold the volume up and the power button.

    • Make sure you hit the UP part of the volume rocker. The down part will initiate a factory reset.

    • Release both buttons when you see the OnePlus logo come up.


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what is this weird problem one plus nord suddenly get switch off while on call ..

kindly advice to get ride of this problem for forever .

Pushpa Rajput - Antwoord

My mobile has hanging & automatically switch off/on please solve problem

durga Viswanadh - Antwoord

It worked! Great help! Thank youuu

metaphysicalevil - Antwoord

Finally after trying for over 2 hours! Than you so much!

xkellileighx - Antwoord

mi telefono aparese que est corrupt i lo e reiniciado pero no enciende nomas cae eso

Leslie Alexa Garay - Antwoord

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