The razor scooter provides an accessible mode of transportation for many different people ranging from kids to young adults. Transportation can be a major issue when one of your main modes of transportation is unusable and damaged. Which is why fixing the razor scooter will benefit people to easily transport from one place to another. Instead of throwing away the scooter and creating unnecessary waste, we have the right to fix the scooter. As said on, “Ownership means you should be able to open, hack, repair, upgrade, or tie bells on it” essentially saying that as consumers, we have the capability of repairing our rightfully owned products. The modes in which one can repair the scooter involves using a lubricant such as oil to spray onto the damaged area and using a screwdriver to adjust the spring catches. Overall, this simple repair will save you time, money, and will make you an environmentally conscious consumer.



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  1. You’ll need the penetrating oil
    • You’ll need the penetrating oil

  2. Locate where you'll need to add the oil onto the folding mechanism.
    • Locate where you'll need to add the oil onto the folding mechanism.

    • You will add oil to this location.

    • You will also add oil to this location.

    • After applying the oil and waiting roughly 5 to 10 minutes you’ll pull forward the little lever to fold the scooter

    • Another view of step 5

    • After pulling the lever the scooter will now fold.


Repairing the Razor scooter is important because instead of buying and wasting money on a new product, we are learning how to save material by improving and extending the life of the scooter. Tons of waste from broken items like scooters are not repaired, but could be used for future projects. Mother earth only has so many natural resources like metal. By fixing broken products we are reducing our distasteful habit of throwing away easily repaired products.

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