This guide will show you how to clean the heat exchange cell which Vent-Axia advise should be done once a year.

Remember apart from when you clean the heat exchange cell it should never be turned off.


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  1. Turn the heat recovery system off at the wall.
    • Turn the heat recovery system off at the wall.

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  2. Remove the 6 screws from the heat recovery panel.
    • Remove the 6 screws from the heat recovery panel.

    • You may need a friend to help you lift the panel off and hold the screws for you!

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    • Remove the internal filter on the left hand side using the pull tab

    • Repeat for the external filter on the right hand side of the cell.

    • If required clean them using a hoover.

    • Do not wash in water under any circumstances

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    • Gently take the cell by the pull tab

      • You may have to rock it gently to get it out.

      • Gently and slowly is the most important step here.

    • The cell will begin to slide out

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    • Clean the cell on each side with a hoover to remove any dust

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    • Fill a bath with warm water and add a small bit of fairy liquid or similar.

    • Place the cell into the water

      • Gently hold the cell

      • Rock the cell from side to side. Ensure the cell is not scraping the bottom

      • Lift the cell up and let the water drain out.

      • Repeat for each side of the hexagon

      • Remove from the bath and leave to dry

    • Vent Axia tehnical support told me the cell can be a little damp but ensure all water is out the cell.

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    • Clean inside the heat recovery system with the hoover

      • Remove any dead flies

      • Check the fans for any build up of dust

    • If you have the summer bypass fitted (the white grill) Don't yank it, as its attached via a cable.

      • Gently lift it to clean the fan behind

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    • Begin to insert the cell back in.

      • Slide using the plastic tab

      • Ensure the two black arrows meet

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    • Put the cover back on

    • Insert the screws and secure the cover to the MVHR.

    • Leave the internal and external filter out for now

      • We will slide them through the filter flaps later.

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    • Insert the filters into each flap (clean if needed using a hoover)

    • Close the flap

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    • Turn the heat recovery back on

    • It will go through its initial power on so don't expect the fans to start immediently.

    • If you have a message on the screen saying check filters you can clear it (once the filters have been cleaned) by:

      • Waiting until Normal airflow xx% is displayed on the screen

      • Press and hold the up and down arrows for 5 seconds

      • This will reset the cycle for the filter clean. Whenever you see the check filter message clean the filter (remember this is separate to the cell).

      • Keeping your MVHR cleaned to the Vent-Axia recommendations gives you the best chance of having many years of trouble free service.

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Your heat cell is now clean. Vent-Axia recommend you clean the cell once a year.

Remember to clean your filters as needed. If you want any extra information all appropriate manuals are attached to this guide.

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Nice guide! I also found a cool website where you can by replacement air filters for mvhr systems

Martin Smith - Antwoord

Yes, this was an extremely useful guide. The maintenance manual simply says “withdraw the heat exchanger”, but it was as tight as a gnat’s a**e. Tom’s guide gave me the confidence to use a bit of gentle persuasion. Thanks :)

Terry Ellison - Antwoord

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