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Here I fix a microwave oven. Never tried it before, but ended up with a successful fix. So anyone with some common sense and a 'go do it' attitude can do the same.

The video goes through diagnosing and testing the likely parts that might fail in a microwave oven and then replacing them.


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  1. Don't forget to read the video description on YouTube here:
    • Don't forget to read the video description on YouTube here:

    • Be sensible! Take precautions like not powering it up uncovered, allowing time for high voltages to discharge. See the video description on YouTube and take note of safety advice. Don't be afraid, but just be sensible.


A standard microwave oven is actually a simple device comprising of a transformer, diode, capacitor, a fuse and the magnetron valve. All can be tested and replaced to fix a non heating oven. Watch the video.

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Very simple,that mean very good

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